5 Tips to pull off that English-style wedding

Themed wedding are a pretty common thing nowadays, as it is a great way to escape into something of a fantasy land to make your fairytale wedding even more dramatic and wonderful. With so much connection back to the motherland through history, perhaps you want to tap into that Downton Abby feel or go with a countryside style wedding for your nuptials by putting on an English-style wedding. So put the kettle on, have a cup of tea and a biscuit, as here Urban Bride Chic offers you five ways to go a little English with your wedding celebrations!

Countryside Class

While it is going to be harder to find because they are a lot less common in the USA, try and find something as close to a beautiful old English country house or manor that you can. This is quintessentially British, and for an idea just think about the move Four Weddings & Funeral to get some inspiration. While these beautiful Manor houses are scattered readily across the beautiful, rolling English countryside, you can still find similar settings closer to home. Try a search for a Manor House wedding on Google in your desired location and you will be on track. You want old style and a beautiful landscaped garden to pull this off.

Bring the Style

It’s no secret that when you think of an English wedding then you are likely going to be thinking of something a bit more formal. If you are going the traditional route and looking at a Manor house then you are going to want to fill the whole wedding with that sense of grand occasion. The English style in setting like this is very formal and therefore the design of the tables for the reception through to the invitation cards need to all fit into the theme. Tap into your elegance and styles that fit that setting perfectly. Have you seen any wedding scene in any Jane Austin movie adaptation, looking bland and tasteless? No. Elegance is the keyword.

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Bring the seasonal food & flowers

Keep everything uniform through to the flowers and food too. Flower don’t come any more English than the rose, which their national flower. While this would likely be the flower of choice, there is something very English about the wild-freshly-picked arrangements. England is big on flowers, both garden grown and wild-grown, they are big on growing vegetables in their back gardens so pull of this together for your wedding. Source seasonal humble foods that are locally produced. Things like roast meat, potatoes and vegetables are classics, and collect beautiful wild flowers like bluebells, primroses and the poppy (just make sure you’re not on on private grounds first and ripping up someone’s flower-bed).


Sticking with the formalities and etiquette of the Enlglishness that you are trying to bring to your wedding is something that can enhance your overall experience. The English are known for their open arms and politeness. From the servers at the reception, to all of the bridal party, try your best to make them bring their quiet, refined politeness to the occasion. Tap into those English manners of warmth and poise to help pull the whole thing off.

Bring and umbrella

If you are channeling your inner Englishness then don’t let the most English thing of all, rain, ruin your day. Just have some cool umbrella’s standing by somewhere discreetly, just in case!

Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.