A Fabulous Easter Wedding

Easter wedding

easter weddingHow to have the most fabulous Easter wedding ever!

Well, before you start making your plans, remember that Easter symbolizes renewal and rebirth.

So, when choosing your Easter colors make sure that they are light and fresh. Assuming that the wedding is outdoors, using the colors of the season, with fresh seasonal light earthy tones and colorful flowers, herbs, fresh fruits and clear crystals will set the tone.

tropical drinksUsing earthy tones that represent sand, soil, plants and flowers and even using whimsical decorations such as butterflies, birds and angels are a great way to celebrate a fabulous spring wedding. These can be found for example in napkin rings!

Tables can be decorated with table cloths that are beige, tan, ivory and even gold, topped with light colored rose petals. Several small tea cups with their respective plates could adorn the tables, the tea cups do not having to be from the same set as long as they are soft and spring-like in color.

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The centerpieces tall, filled with fruits such as grapes, apples, tangerines, mangoes, oranges and berries. The key is to not over do it, topping it mostly with grapes, using the rest for just hints of color and don’t be afraid to use edible flowers along with the fruits. Using a crystal centerpiece for the fruits will represent water, which in many cultures is associated with cleansing.

The food should be light, such as fresh salads, seafood, white pastas and or, chicken. To drink with dinner, pink lemonade, fruit infused water and chilled white wine should be available. For cocktail hour and after dinner party, cold, colorful and playful cocktails will definitely get the party started.

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And lets not forget to add to your dessert bar a smooth, cold tropical flavored gelato, topped with fruits and perhaps a nice berry flavored syrup.

We hope that these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

To assist you even further, we found a great website with an extensive wine pairing how to guide. Just click here!

By Ingrid Jackson.


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