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wedding receptionOne of the biggest decisions that you will have to settle on when planning your wedding, is the ‘where’. That is obviously just as important as the ‘when’ because you want to pick the right venue for your special day and there are many things to take into consideration as well in choosing that perfect spot in which to have your reception and even say “I do”.

After all, you don’t want to have your sights set on a grand church wedding or a venue for your reception that does not meet your budget, taste or artistic flair.

Absolutely everything has to be taken into consideration!

So ask yourself where do you want your ceremony, where to host your reception… are these two events happening in separate places or all in the same place?

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wedding planningAlways keep in mind your budget.

Here Urban Bride Chic guides you along in your search for those ideal wedding locations and raises some of the most important questions that you will want to ask both yourself and the potential venue before locking things down.

Your whole entire wedding is based off a budget and part of that budget will be going towards securing a location. Remember that the more planning ahead you can do, the better as venues will generally want a chunk of money as a deposit and some can book pretty fast. You can then budget to pay off the rest of the balance.

Always ask about payment plans, venues are likely to work with you. There are venues out there which will offer you the opportunity to have both the ceremony and reception in the same place and this may save you money as well as saving on a lot of logistical planning. Shop around and don’t bust that budget. This is one of those things where you don’t want to blow more than you had budgeted for and then find yourself short in other areas of your wedding planning.

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It’s not quite as simple as saying, “that’s the location for me”, and that’s it. There are logistics to think about, such as getting everyone from the ceremony to the reception venues if they are in two separate places. Having to find a separate reception area itself in close vicinity to the ceremony venue can be a headache for some brides, so doing it all in the same place cuts out a lot of stress.

Another factor is whether or not the venue is going to be big enough for your wedding party and for all guests to all attend comfortably (not forgetting any disability access if needed). You will need to have a rough idea of how many guests you are expecting, as that will be one of the first questions you will be asked when contacting a potential location. Are the locations far from an airport if you are having people fly in? If so, is there decent public transport? Your wedding is a self-absorbed day, but think about the comfort of your guests too.

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Season’s change of course but this is an important thing to think about. You can save on your budget a bit if you go out of season for booking a wedding venue. The popular summer months are naturally going to be delivered at a premium, so if you can wait, your wallet will thank you. Also, the seasonal change can play its part in how you decorate your wedding venue. You are going to have vastly different colors available to you autumn weddings to those hosted in the spring.

So if you have a favorite season, use that as an inspiration for your wedding’s decor. Also, take into consideration other factors like the light at certain times of the day for photographs and the likely temperature at the time of your wedding. It’s alright to ask if venues have air conditioning or heating and see if you can visit the location at the time of day that your wedding will be at, so you can get a real feel.

wedding receptionLocation
You don’t particularly want to be travelling halfway across the country for your perfect wedding venue, if it is going to cost too much to have all the family and friends that you want there, to attend. As well as your own budget, you have to take into consideration other people’s travel expenses.

If you are bringing in family from out of town, don’t forget that they will need accommodation near your reception venue as well. Research local listings to find a perfect venue that falls into your budget and if you want that beach wedding, or you want to go out into the foothills to tie the knot, make sure that your wedding planner is able to accommodate all of your needs if your location is off the beaten track a little bit.

Some venues are able to include extras into their packages. Some wedding venues do provide packages where you can get your add-ons like a photographer, cake, catering, officiant etc, all into the price. This can take a lot of stress out of your wedding planning arrangements without question and they can be hugely beneficial for the budget conscious bride. This is probably the biggest difference in venues, those which are full-service and those which are there just getting the space booked and then leave you to fill in all of the blanks.

If you are looking for a full-service venue, it is more than likely that they will provide vendors that you will be required to work with, which cuts out your ability to shop around. This is important because you will want to check with their caterer for example if they can provide the kind of food that you want to be served. However, remember that shopping for vendors on your own can be time consuming and stressful, so take that into consideration.

wedding glitterBonus Tip!
It’s perfectly fine to ask questions of the venue that you are considering. Don’t think yourself of a pest if you come up with a list of questions that you want answers too, like how many weddings are held there during a day? Ask, ask, ask! Does the location have disabled access? Is the place going have any renovations or any other construction changes before your wedding?

What is the cancellation policy (a much overlooked but hugely important question)? Would there be any overtime charges? Are there hidden fees? Is there enough parking at the venue? Is there a limitation on outside vendors that you can use? Are your decorations included or do you have to decorate the venue yourself? Once you think you have asked everything, think of more questions to ask so that you know that you are getting everything that your big day deserves and within your budget.

And remember, wedding planners don’t come cheap, but a good wedding planner is worth every penny!

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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