A True Urban Bride Does Not Follow The Rules

urban bride


So, the question remains… What is an Urban Bride?

Our Answer: All we know to be true is that our Urban Bride Chic does not follow the rules… She plays by the beat of her own drum and is a true artiste at heart.

An Urban Bride’s Wedding!

An urban Bride says I do by the airport, near the airplane’s take-off sight-seeing area. Her ceremony pictures are artistic, her feminine veil waving in the wind, while airplanes are taking off behind a silver link fence which serves as the backdrop of urban live art in her pictures.

A true Modern Urban Bride Chic Diva!

Perhaps she says I do at a public park by the pond, under an omnipotent two hundred year old tree. The backdrop may feature ducks going about their day while children are playing in the background, with class and elegance always being the order of the day.

Sometimes her scene is more like the colorful sounds of the city, with cars passing by while the city’s erect skyscrapers serve as the backdrop of a beautiful and exciting beginning for two.

Her reception is perhaps in a modern art gallery with rustic yet chic settings, where she arrives wearing her wedding dress on either a Harley, the trendiest bicycle of the times, a late 1920’s Rolls Royce Phantom or perhaps in a true fairy tale style horse and carriage.

Her only questions are always… Why not and who cares?

With her skin looking healthy and hydrated…
Her dress is simple, trendy, elegant, chic and yet very traditional.

Her makeup is also simple and her hair could be seen in a trendy up-do or it may just be a bit messy, perhaps in a messy thick French braid, adorned with tiny crystals or small tiny very feminine flowers.

Crowns and tiaras are always fun but she knows she’s already a queen without them!
Other luxurious hair adornments make her extremely happy too.

She allows her own natural beauty to shine with simplicity and humbleness, yet an air of timeless elegance and beauty can be detected in her poise and well-mannered demeanor.

Leather, flowers, candles, wood and or genuine Crystals may be found as part of her wedding décor, mediocrity is a four letter word to her and she escapes the status quo like the plague.
She would rather die than use balloons at her wedding, but a beautiful ballerina dancing to Frederic Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor, Op 66, would delight her greatly.

She speaks her mind and could care less about anyone saying, “but darling, this is how we’ve always done things!”. Yet, there is an innate tendency to be in agreement with maintaining a sort of sublime order with all that is. Enhancing and actualizing from what has been and what works while mercilessly disposing of what doesn’t.

Everyone talks about her…
butterfly wedding decor She commands a room like no other and everyone wants to be just like her!

She sets trends at the drop of a dime and does it like no one else can.
As feminine and delicate as a flower, yet strong and always determined.
She knows just where she stands, what she wants and how to get it.

And that ladies and gentleman is The Urban Bride and our everyday inspiration!

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