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wedding makeup tutorialsEveryone wants to look their very best on their special day, but not everyone can afford the luxury of hiring a professional makeup artist for their wedding day.

Don’t despair, Urban Bride Chic has taken the time to curate and choose from some of the best makeup video tutorials found on line just for you.

And in case you were thinking of looking around and doing some makeup tutorial curating of your own, we want you to know that the trick is in choosing the ones that in the end, shows the desired results that you want for yourself.

At any rate, whatever it is that you choose to do, when it comes to beautifying yourself for your wedding day, it will always come down to your own personal taste.

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The best tip that we can give you is that we strongly suggest to do several trial runs with your wedding day wedding day makeupmakeup before the day of your wedding, so you can have ample time to tweak and change anything that may need changing, such as maybe using a different lip color from the one shown on the tutorial or even tweaking some of the techniques to accommodate the shape of your face, personal taste and your complexion.

Take notes of everything such as techniques, products used, shades, brush sizes, etc. And to save yourself even more time and money, look for sales, coupons and discounts on those very products, way ahead of time. This way you will be all stocked up, prepared and ready with all of the makeup essentials for your wedding day.

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One of our favorite wedding video makeup tutorials by Renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Her technique leaves you looking sort of flawless with a “natural kind of look”.
The end result of Tilbury’s particular techniques, leave you feeling very luxurious and with a soft and natural sun kissed kind of glow.

Another one of our favorite Youtube wedding makeup tutorials is from professional makeup artists Jaclyn Hill, The reason as to why this is one of our favorites, is because she knows what she is doing, she gives a whole lot of tips and found them all to be very helpful and resourceful.

The following wedding makeup video tutorial is by Beauty professional Vlogger @SoFreshDyamond
She certainly knows her stuff and has a vast collection of Youtube videos with amazing beauty tips that you just can’t miss!

This next wedding makeup tutorial video is by Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Vlogger @nitraab, she is amazing! Her energy and smile is contagious. Her expert beauty tips are great and her bridal makeup tutorial is flawless. Her finished product left her looking just like a princess!

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