An endearing story of love

The wedding ring is a symbol of unity and togetherness and for some, it is very hard to separate with that little band of gold. It can just as difficult to slide that ring off the finger as it is to be away from the partner after having spent so many years together.

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People value possessions, they are like treasure-chests of memories related to special occasions and special emotions. The wedding ring is more than just a ring, it transcends its material being. For example some people lose their wedding ring and will do anything, will go to any lengths to find them like diving through dumpsters.

For some people, the thought of ever removing a wedding ring never crosses their mind. But a wife and grandmother from West Virginia had to remove hers for the first time in 48 because of a stay in hospital recently. There was clearly a heavy emotional attachment to the ring for the woman, and being forced to removed it had caused her some distress.

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Wife Takes Off Wedding Band For The First Time In 48 Years, Then Husband Returns It By Proposing

But then, clearly showing that chivalry, romance and love are not dead, the husband strode into the hospital room with a purpose, gushing over his wife how much he loved her and then produced the surprise – her wedding ring.

Sliding the ring back onto the finger of his wife, he proposed again to her, sending all the family members in the room into tears. After 48 years together, there was nothing about to split these two up!

Post article Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

Visual and Creative Editor Ingrid Jackson

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