Andy Cohen Has A New Love Connection!

andy cohen

Talk show host, TV personality and Emmy and Peabody award winner Andy Cohen is EVERYWHERE, and now he is set to host the spinoff of the 1980’s TV show, Love Connection. Back in the day, the show was hosted by Chuck Woolery, who did an amazing job at always making it fun, upbeat and very entertaining.

This time around though, things are going to be a bit different!

Keeping up with current times, the show is being brought forward to this century, where the new version of Love Connection is set to have same sex couples.

Don’t know about you guys, but if you asked me, I would say, ’bout time!

The new and up with the times Love Connection, is scheduled to air on Fox this summer and frankly, I can’t wait to watch it.

So you don’t miss a beat, I suggest that you delete all the crap from your DVR that you are not watching and will never watch… Oh c’mon, you know you are hoarding shows… and let’s get ready for some more of Andy’s fabulous entertainment!

Andy is a very talented entertainer who knows how to please his fans by keeping them happy and always wanting for more.

Since everything that Andy touches basically turns into gold, I bet that the show will most likely to have quite a few more seasons to follow.

Popcorn, pleeease!

By entrepreneur, writer and columnist Ingrid Jackson.

Oh my Gosh, you gotta watch this, he’s great!