Avoid those Wedding Reception awkward silences with Fun Questions

wedding reception games

What’s the last thing that you want at your wedding reception? People sitting around, looking all uncomfortable and not really talking to each other. That can create an awkward atmosphere, but don’t worry because Urban Bride Chic has a great ice-breaker that you could implement at your wedding reception. The reception is really where the family members of bride and groom get time to themselves to try and all come together to make nice pleasantries, but essentially most will be strangers and will have no idea what to talk about, so you can help kick things off with some fun questions.

Be Prepared to Ask!

You have probably all seen those routine questionnaires in magazines and online, those which ask you to do some soul searching to see if you are really ready to get married. Or whether your partner is the perfect person for you to walk down the aisle with, but thinking about questions in a lighter and more fun way can be a great addition to your wedding.


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Why not ask your guests questions about yourselves?

Yes, get your guest talking but giving them the chance to answer questions about you. After all, they are here to celebrate your union and this is a great little feature, which barely costs anything

and it can also serve as some great little keepsakes for you afterwards. If you can get guests at your reception to answer questions such as how they see you (the wedded couple) being in 20 years time, it can give some precious insight and laughs when you read them and it gives the guests something to chat about.

wedding reception gamesHow to implement Wedding Questions

Having questions around your reception can get those guests chatting and laughing among themselves, because they can ask each other what answers they put down and then have a good old chin-wag about it. By this point, cocktails and drinks will probably have been flowing so the questions will serve as a great icebreaker to get lighten up the atmosphere a bit. It’s a heck of a lot better than awkward silences.

The Reception Table Approach

One idea is to have a jar, you can decorate and make it pretty of course, on each table at your reception. You can label the jar with a question like “What is your best marriage advice to us?” and by the side of it, have little pieces of paper, something along the lines of a gift tag (again this can be all theme related) and a couple of pens.

Guests then write down their answers and drop them in the jar. You could do a separate question for each table at your reception for the sake of variety of course and people can always wander around and dip into the questions on the other tables after everyone has eaten. So make sure that you leave enough paper around for all guests, not just the tally of those sitting at the table.

An alternative way to do this if you wanted more insight from each guest, would be to print out say five questions onto pieces of paper and leave a small pile of the loose papers on each table for guests to fill out all in one shot and them fold them up into the jar.

The Guestbook Approach

Guests will be filling out a guest book anyway at the end of the night, so why not, instead of leaving them to come up with something, get them to answer one of your questions in the guest book. This can leave you guestbook with a lot more inventive and fun message than just the regular well-wishes that you usually find in them.

Another way to do the Guestbook approach is have a smaller one, one that is easy to have passed around each guest at each table so that everyone can fill it all out. You can have a bridesmaid in charge of ensuring that the book gets around everyone.

Thanksgiving Urban Bride Chic

The Supplies

This is just a nice little add on feature for fun and it doesn’t have to expensive at all. You can even get blank greetings cards in bulk for this which will do the job. These can be placed in you card box at the end of the night.

Little gift tags can be pretty and just big enough to write down answers to questions on.

You can have cards printed of course to your own design, which will be a little more expensive, but it could be easier to match them up to things like place-cards and the overall theme of your wedding.

Pens, markets, colored pencils and even crayons would work.

A nice, bigger mason jar for example or a vase (these are easy to tie a colored ribbon around for decoration).

Some Idea Wedding Questions To UseBride and Bride UBC

Where do you see us in 10 years?

What is the best marriage advice that you can give

Draw a picture of us (that’s what the colored pencils and crayons are for!)

1st Wedding Anniversary Ideas

As newlyweds, what should we do every day now we are married?

Suggest a romantic location for a date

What was your favorite part about our wedding?

Without question, guests will enjoy this!

So there you go. You won’t have people sat around at your wedding reception with nothing to say to each other, because you will have created a memorable feature of an ice-breaker like a boss. But whether the replies are in a guest book or on paper, you have wonderfully, precious keepsakes. Your favorite responses can be stuck into a wedding scrapbook for example, or all stored in a beautiful box of treasured memories to look back on.

Post article Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

Visual and Creative Editor Ingrid Jackson

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