Changing Your Name After Marriage

just marriedOh my Gosh! Don’t you just hate it?

It’s time to get back to regular life!

After months of careful wedding planning, budgeting and endless decision making sessions and nothing but pure nerves… it finally happened, you said “I do” to the love of your life and went on to your escape from all the madness as just “the two of you”, to your amazing honeymoon, away from it all.

And now you are back from your blissful honeymoon and real life hits you in the face like, oh yeah, here I am lady and what are you going to do about it, right?

So, now you are unpacking or maybe even packing to move into your new home with your significant other and the question pops in your head… How do I change my name?

If it is true that a lot of modern women do not change their names anymore after marriage, it is also true that most actually still do. So then comes the dreaded part of who do I call, what papers do I fill out, etc, etc.

coupleListen, we know that your head can’t take it anymore and may even be about to explode, don’t worry, we got you!

Urban Bride Chic is going to help you by identifying the necessary steps that you will need to take to change your name. Here we will supply you with a list of what to do, who to call and links to some of the forms that you will need to fill out to get the process going. I know, we are amazing, you are welcome!

Anyway, the first three major changes to happen are… Social Security, driver’s license and passport, green-card or naturalization/citizenship papers.

Wedding Scary TalesMake sure to have your originals with you when changing any of the aforementioned documents.
Also, before any of these can happen, you must have your original marriage certificate, and this should come to you in the mail shortly after getting married. If you went on a honeymoon, it should be in your mailbox hopefully by the time that you get back.

Your officiant or whomever you chose to marry you, should have filed for one on your behalf after marrying you, as it should be part of their services.

Social Security On-Line Name Change

For your driver’s license name change, you must do a Google search for your local DMV office. Check their requirements, necessary paperwork and documentation and steps to get it done. The laws may be different in each state.

For passport name changes, you may need to apply for a completely new one and as-of-now, it will depend on how long it’s been since your last passport was issued.

Passport Name Change

Naturalization/Citizenship certificate name change

Green Card Replacement

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Once you have updated driver’s and social security card, you can start changing everything else.
Here is a list of places to call to have your name change. Every case is different, therefore you may not need to call all of the following places or you may may need to add to this list of places to call, depending on your own personal circumstances.

Other places to notify:

Credit Card Companies
Lenders and Creditors
Insurance companies (medical, car, life, home owner’s and renter’s insurance)
Mortgage Company or Landlord
The three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian & TransUnion)

That sums up the list of things to do in order to change your name.

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