Contemporary Wedding Ceremony


Contemporary weddingHaving a contemporary wedding ceremony means getting away from all, or most of the wedding customs known to be traditional and perhaps to some, boring.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that some of the traditional wedding customs that we know can’t be applied, what it means is that you can be more creative, free, modern and able to add your own personal touches and ideas, without having to conform to the “cookie cutter” ways of getting married.

For example, a contemporary bride may choose to dress differently, perhaps dress in red or black instead of the traditional white, or she may wear a short dress instead of a long one or no dress at all!

Contemporary wedding ceremonies are not focused on religion, whereas with a traditional wedding ceremony, religion would be one of the main focuses, most taking place at a church or place of worship. A contemporary wedding ceremony can take place at the beach, park, home, parachuting off a plane or just about anywhere your heart desires.

Instead of the traditional customary vows the couple could use a loving message written to each other, the options are truly endless, as endless as your imagination will allow them to be.

The reception is no different, from hanging chandeliers and shinny crystals to innovative lighting and even “Star Wars” or “Under the Sea” themed weddings, you are truly limitless with your options.

The most important thing is to hone in a theme, organize your ideas, agree on a budget and then get your to do and guest lists together… the rest should be pure imagination and artistry at work.