Create a statement with your Wedding Food Station

If you are one of the many Urban Brides who are looking forward to touches of informality on your big tend, then one of the big trends that are rolling into 2017 is the Food Station. This is a replacement for the more formal sit down meal at your reception and it is seen as a lighter way, even a more social way, to get your guests to fill their bellies.

Having to get up and go and mingle at a Food Station allows the guests at the reception to get to know each other a little better, which would help the celebratory atmosphere. There are of course no set rules with any kind of dining at your wedding and as we always say, just make sure that you are putting your own personalities into all aspects of the wedding, including the food.

Food Stations are trending and while the feature of guests sharing large platters is nothing new, setting up dedicated food stations allows you to get a little creative both with flavors and with decor. This has been popular with desserts for some time, it’s not uncommon to see a dedicated station full of a variety of sweet treats. But what about those savory options? Work with your caterer to deliver exactly what you want guests to enjoy at your Wedding Reception.

Cheese and Crackers
This is a great way to show off some of your character. Cheese comes in such a wide variety of flavors that you can offer something for everyone by setting up a cheese station at your wedding. There’s Roquefort, Feta, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Emmental and so much more. Of course, don’t forget the crackers and another of the great things about cheese is that it pairs up so well with other things like fruits and wines that you can incorporate into your festivities.

Artisan breads can be a great feature and make a great display at a Wedding. This can be a great rustic touch and just imagine having a whole display of fresh bread sitting around. Think of the aroma of that! There are many types of bread offering different flavors and textures, and who doesn’t like a nice thick slice of Foccacia or a sesame bun with butter? This of course could be a great fit with a cheese station.

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This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if this is on your radar, then it can deliver an absolutely aesthetically beautiful Wedding Food Station with sushi. Sushi is cute, it’s colorful and fun finger bites to eat. It generally pairs up pretty well with Champagne as well, so this is a good fit. This would be a fantastic station idea for a beach Wedding setting. Just don’t forget the ice to stack it all on!

You don’t normally expect to see pizza at a wedding, however, this can be a nice alternative touch that no-one was expecting. If a slice of pie is something that you love, then it’s not wrong to incorporate it into your wedding. Of course, we aren’t talking about dull frozen pizza’s here, these wedding pizzas or flatbreads can be dressed up by throwing in some rustic artisan styles there, not just your bog-standard pepperoni.

The humble potato can even be dressed up for a wedding station. You can roll out potato skins, wedges, baked spuds, tater tots and of course, those French fries. Throw in a variety of tasting dips as well and your guests will be pretty happy we would imagine. It’s great, tasty and comforting finger foods!

Pretty much the Wedding Food Station can incorporate anything of your choice and favor. You can have a vegetable station, a seafood station, a crab cake station, the choice truly are endless. Just fit the food to your theme and your own personal choices and remember, even if it is something as common and humble as mac and cheese, you can still find fancy versions of them to treat your guests with.


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