Create your own Monogram for that special wedding touch

Wedding Monogram

letter monogram for weddingsA great feature that you could come up with for your wedding would be to create your own monogram. This is a wonderful idea, because not only can it personalize your wedding decorations on everything from napkins to an aisle runner, but more importantly this can be quality time spent together between the engaged couple. It’s a nice quiet project to work on together where you can both put your ideas forward and come to some kind of compromise in a work of art. Something beautiful can be created together.

That small design then can have a great bearing on the design of the wedding  as you can incorporate it in your overall theme. Sitting down and creating a monogram ahead of your wedding can afford you a great deal of options. When you are creating your wedding and celebrations you are going to be looking at potentially a lot of personalized items, such as the invitations, thank you notes, napkins, champagne glasses, party favors and even the knife that will be slicing through your wedding cake.

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You can even take that and added to the for post-wedding things like a personalized frame to hold your marriage certificate in, or perhaps it could even be used on your wedding album too. So having a personalized monogram to hand can be a wonderful thing to add a unique element to your wedding. Imagine having all of those items adorned with your creation. It is something that you will have created in unity with the one that you have vowed to be with and that’s very special and touching to see it used everywhere.

You can just do a search on a major search engine to find online services that will help you create your own monogram. There are special pieces of software available too that you can do it yourself in, or even if you have basic programs like Microsoft Word you can still get your creative on and create a beautiful work of art. One great use of a monogram would be to use it a wedding video to share around the world with those who couldn’t attend. The options are pretty endless.

Because it is a monogram it will be the initial of both the Bride and Groom. Usually what you see in these type of monograms is that the initial of the surname is larger and in the center, while a first initial is then placed either side. You can get as fancy as you want, encasing it in a border style that you have created or you can get as contemporary as you like by putting your full names together inside of scroll work. At the end of the day it is your design, your creation of unity so have fun from the design process and bask in the pride of seeing it at your wedding.

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