Don’t be late – Book The Date of March 12th, 2017

Do you have wedding over the weekend of March 11th/12th, 2017?

Do you have a wedding to attend this weekend?

Well, don’t forget that the clocks spring forward in the early hours on Sunday March 12th by one hour!

That’s important of course because you don’t want to get your time wrong for you wedding because you’ve lost an hour of sleep overnight! So if you have a big day coming up on Sunday, March 12th then you will want to make sure that you have everything timed to perfection by updating times.

Most of your devices like your computer and cellphones will of course automatically update themselves, but don’t get caught out by an unchanged time on your alarm clock or on the coffee maker by thinking you have an extra hour on your side.

As Johnny Mathis sang “Get me to the church on time” and just make sure all of your wedding guests and anyone helping out at the wedding is on the ball as well.

Here to serve as a reminder, Urban Bride Chic presents a countdown to the Clocks Springing Forward!