Donut ignore the new sweet Wedding Trend!

wedding donuts

Hey, what do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? Donuts. Yes, donuts, they are no longer just a quick grab when you stop at the gas station for a coffee. No longer are they the stereotypical staple diet of all cops. No, Donuts have risen in status in recent times, with gourmet versions of the deep-friend delights cropping up. Donuts now are big business and have moved well beyond the simple glazed or sugared affairs, to become carefully crafted, flavor balanced treats. They have evolved to a whole new level now where they are becoming one of the starring attractions at weddings.

Wedding To Do Checklist

What? The humble donut taking center-stage at a wedding? Yes, it’s true. There is a new trend happening where instead of the traditional wedding cake, couples are opting for the sweet confectionery snack instead. Yes, donuts are trending so here Urban Bride Chic launches the #weddingdonuts hashtag on Twitter. Use it to tell us about how you went for Donuts instead of a traditional cake at your wedding.

DonutTowering Delights

The most common way that Donuts are getting used instead of a Wedding Cake is simply by towering them up. This is the direct replacement to the wedding cake because you create the donuts in a fashion which resembles the shape of a traditional cake. So with the popular Donut Tower, you can have a taller stack of donuts on the base, rising in the form and shape of a traditional cake by going with a smaller stack with each layer. Then you can still have room for your cake topper, as long as it doesn’t fall down the hole.

Not the hole cake

You can also go with a slight alternative by using Donut holes instead of the actual Donut. With the little round donut balls, these can create a stunning cake-topper effect. You could have a full layer of traditional cake at the base and then build an ascending tower of donut holes reaching to an apex. These can be fun little treats for the guests to enjoy and hey, if someone still wants traditional cake, that’s there as well. Keep your options open!

Think outside of the Donut box

Maybe it turns out that you don’t actually want to just replace the wedding cake with a tower of donuts. So why no think outside of the donut box and create a Donut Station? Get simple blocks of wood with a dowel protruding from the center and then stack up different types of donuts out into a spread and then let the guests help themselves buffet style. Yes, a Donut Buffet! After all, one of the real beauties about Donuts is that the decorations and flavors can be so wide ranging. Have those traditional glazed donuts along some decked with sunny yellow sprinkles. Have some golden topped ones, gourmet cappuccino ones, some caramel bliss one, some banana cream pie ones, some blackberry cobbler flavored ones etc.

Another alternative to this would be a Donut wall. Have some shelves mounted if possible, somewhere at your reception and then have the varieties of donuts spread out. Just don’t invite Homer Simpson to your festivities.

DonutGuests donut care about their diet!

Just as you would with planning with a regular wedding cake, in ensuring that there is going to be enough to go around all of the guests, you have to count up the donuts correctly. If you are having 100 guests then it is probably worth looking at 150 donuts (general rule of thumb 1.5x to guests) just to cover everyone. These are delicious donuts and guests aren’t thinking about their personal diets at a wedding, they are there to enjoy themselves and it is likely at lot of guests will be going back for more than just one! Talk it out and plan it with your bakery. Make sure that they can all these whipped up fresh for the day as well.

The Donut displays are becoming the hot new trend for weddings. Don’t forget to share your Donut inspired delights with us on Twitter @UrbanBrideChic #weddingdonuts