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UBC Iceland HoneymoonHow much do you like to chill on your vacation? It’s your getaway right, you want to lay back, relax and totally get your chilled vibes on. But how chill is chill for your honeymoon?

Well, while popular honeymoon and wedding destinations such as Jamaica and Mexico continue to be hot spots for newlyweds, Iceland has been emerging as a hugely popular honeymoon destination for those who want to get out and away from the beaten track.

iceland wedding UBCThere are always two things to think about when planning a trip for your wedding. Do you want just to go and have a getaway honeymoon, where it is just you and your loved one for a couple of weeks? Or do you want to have everyone there and embrace the whole, entire destination wedding vibe? Whichever way you want to go, Iceland offers some stunning scenery, with a bit of adventure thrown in as well.

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UBC iceland weddingThe language barrier should not be too much of an issue at all because many Icelanders speak English (as well as Danish) very well along with their own language. It’s not a long haul flight either to get there because you are looking about six hours from New York and eight to nine hours from Las Vegas. Most flights will go into Keflavik International Airport which is less than an hour outside of the capital Reykjavik. Iceland is is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

Icelandic scenery is simply stunning. We are sure there is a much better superlative to describe it, but fittingly, the scenery stuns with its simple, rustic natural wonders.

This is a picture-perfect scenario of volcanoes and waterfalls that you are talking about.

Iceland wedding borealis UBCOne of the big features of Iceland is their volcanic hot springs where you can take a relaxing dip in heated waters at popular geothermal lagoons. This is a different kind of romance, a perfect wanderlust destination for you and your new spouse.

You can get to camp out as well and see the Aurora Borealis and the chances for outdoor adventures like horseback riding, jeep tours to glaciers and a getaway to the famous blue lagoon with all of its healing properties, are just endless there. It’s an outdoor kind of destination, but it also has that great relaxing mix of nightlife when you get back to conciliation in Reykjavik.

The capital is famous for its weekend revelries and hospitality, and you can take in shows, night clubs before waking up the next morning and getting back to enjoy the quieter surroundings offer by musicians tracing the rich history back to Iceland’s Viking origins. It is a blend of everything new and old and of course, did you try the geothermal pools yet? They are worth another mention because they are a famous, much-loved pastime for the locals.

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Iceland Honeymoon UBCSo, when in Rome, or Reykjavik we should say. The itch to get out in nature, to get out into the wilderness is probably going to be too tempting to hold back from. You would have to see Gullfoss, which is considered Iceland’s most beautiful waterfall and the famous Thingvellir National Park, and the Strokkur geyser, which offers a grand show every few minutes of firing water 100 foot up into the air.

iceland honeymoon UBCIt’s mystical out there in Iceland, the fjords, the Golden Circle and if you’re there at the right time of year you can get to see the midnight sun up in the north.

This is a magical land which really isn’t so far off the beaten track, but once you are there and get out into the Icelandic adventure, it may be tough to get yourself back on the regular path having been immersed in such dreamy landscapes and culture.

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