First impressions count for wedding guests

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Champagne glassFirst impressions. They count for everything right? 95% of the clothes that you are wearing contribute towards a first impression because after all, they cover most of your body at any given time and then you add in the accents like grooming, posture and how clean your nails are. It’s the whole judging a book by its cover thing and you can apply this to your wedding planning for this year too.

Imagine that you are having a beautifully planned out reception, but it is inside a building which doesn’t have an appealing frontage. Guests may turn up and immediately take on a first impression that they aren’t going to have a good time at the festivities, all because the entrance wasn’t inviting enough. So when planning your wedding you want to give your guests the best experience, right from the very off. Welcome them in with a bang!

This is where a grand entrance can pay dividends for you and over the overall aesthetics of your wedding. Fortunately, trending in 2017 are these big elaborate entrances to welcome guests to the wedding. So even before your guests take in the actual planning of the wedding, be it a chapel, a church or an outdoor arrangement, you can treat them to a visual delight, making them feel important and in a good mood.

Imagine if your guests had to step through a beautiful, elaborately decorated archway to get into your wedding. That would add something of an exclusive feel for the attendees and add an element of grandeur. It adds a nice welcoming element instead of just opening a door and boom, there’s the wedding. So this growing trend of making a big deal about how the guests enter a wedding is hot right now and it’s not just in the decor, but some couples are going further by offering unique entertainment to welcome you into the wedding.

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From violinists playing outside, to a red carpet, to fire-starters, what is going on outside of the wedding is becoming just as important as what is going on inside. So if you want to expand the horizons of your wedding, then consider an elaborate entrance. We started to see a rise in them in 2016 and the trend hasn’t slowed, so they are becoming more and more a staple of 2017 weddings!

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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