Food Fight With The Newlyweds?

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Showering the married couple with edible prosperity

It doesn’t matter where in the world you attend a wedding, it is more likely than not that there will be some symbolic food on display and you may not even notice it. We aren’t talking about being the food part of the wedding reception in a sit down meal or one of the options available at a post-nuptials buffet, we are talking about the use of food being thrown at the newly married couple as they make their exit from their wedding venue.

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Sauntering down the guard of honor, most people will probably associate rice being thrown at this point over the newly married couples, but other cultures from around the world use different foods.

Actually, while on the topic of rice, the rice itself is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and bounty and that is why it has been used for centuries in wedding ceremonies. Rice is a staple food of many cultures and as it is easily grown and in abundance, so it is a positive symbol of providence and growth. You will also find in some cultures where the inclusion of grain is taken to a new level, with the bride carrying or even wearing sheaves of grain with them down the aisle. Flower girls in Medieval England would do this.

You can go back to as early as 100 BC with the Romans to find the occurrence of wheat in weddings. You also have another tradition from Medieval England where bridesmaids would put crumbs under their pillows in order to induce dreams of a future spouse. Overall the use of grains goes back to the symbolizing of fertility and prosperity. Modern times though has seen a shift away from the throwing of rice, because of the belief that rice is fatal for birds who eat it, because it swells inside of them and explodes the birds. This is a myth, wild birds eat uncooked rice all the time.

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The inclusion of throwing food could be a personal touch for your own wedding. One assumes that as long as your food-choice to throw isn’t a leg of ham or pizza or something, you can incorporate touches that are culturally or personally apt to you. For example, Sicilians will throw wheat bread and salt, there’s a tradition from early Greeks of tossing out dates and nuts, while the English have been know to shower the couple with pieces of cake, presumably not rock cakes. You have figs being thrown which are a part of Bulgarian wedding customs too.

Clearly you don’t want to get the newlyweds covered in a mess, so it has to be something dry that they can brush off. But as with all aspects of your wedding, you can put your own unique, personal twist on proceedings or just roll with the more traditional.

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