Forever Gone in a Fire, Wedding Pics From 38 Years Ago Get a Do Over!


AshleighBingPhotographyJennifer and Timothy Bing, who got married almost four decades ago, tragically lost their wedding pictures in a fire at a local pharmacy at the time.

So the couple sadly never had any physical memories in the form of professional photographs from the day, to look back upon and cherish.

For Mrs Bing, not only was the loss of her wedding photographs an emotional blow, but among those photos, the ones of her father walking her down the aisle on her big day, was the last pictures that had been taken of him as he sadly died just two weeks after the ceremony.

“That meant I would not have one picture of him walking me down the aisle. No pictures,” Mrs Bing said. “While I was at my highest point, I plummeted in less than a two-week period. It was a dark time for me.” She told ABC news.

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The Bings got married at the Seabrook Baptist Church in Lanham, Maryland back in 1979 and thanks to their daughter Ashleigh Bing, who who has been a professional wedding photographer for over 6 years, the couple got a big surprise for their 38th anniversary as Ashleigh gave them the wedding photo shoot that they were missing.

For the anniversary shoot, Ashleigh Bing arranged everything, from a personal playlist of favorite music, to the the rental of gowns, a tuxedo, make up artist and the purchase of a bouquet, and she completed the couple’s wedding shoot attire with matching black and white Chuck Taylor’s, who are her father’s favorites.


They didn’t go back to their local church to re-shoot the wedding pictures, instead doing them against famous landmarks the Washington National Cathedral and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

“I wanted them to have a really, really nice backdrop. They got married in a small community church in Maryland, which isn’t that pretty,” Ashleigh Bing explained to ABC News. “If they had to wait 40 years for some real pictures, I figured let’s make it something nice.”


The photo shoot took three hours and as well as including their original wedding invitations, also included in the shoot was the one photograph that the couple had from their 1979 wedding, a candid shot of them taken by a relative.

On top of the shoot, Ashleigh Bing created a photo album of her parents’ new anniversary photos.

“She has made a wish come true of mine that I thought would never happen,” the mother said of her daughter. “She’s my favorite girlfriend in the whole wide world.”

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

Visual and Creative Editor Ingrid Jackson


A Happily Ever After For Our Favorite Couple Ever! 

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