Germany to shift towards legalization of same-sex marriage?

Same Sex Marriage

There was a hint towards a progress future for Germany as Chancellor Angela Merkel has been pressed heavily by MP’s to initiate a free vote in the German Parliament to legalize same-sex marriage in the country.

This week, there was a shift in her party’s position when she appeared in the German media saying that she favored a “decision of conscience” on gay marriage.

Her comments blow up the viral networks with the hastag #Ehefüralle (marriage for all) trending on Twitter. Merkel’s party, the Christian Democrats have been in opposition to same-sex marriage unlike opposition parties the Social Democrats, the Free Democrats and the Greens.

So Merkel’s comments this week in a debate, have signaled a change of direction.

“I’d like to steer the discussion more in the direction of a decision of conscience,” Mrs Merkel said in the Berlin debate.

Calls for a free vote in parliament have been made and many want it for this week, with the MPs from the SPD Bundestag (lower house) group tweeting: “Vote now! We say Yes to marriage for all”..

Should Germany legalize same-sex marriage, they would follow in the footsteps of European counterparts like the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium and the UK.

Merkel said same-sex marriage was “a really personal matter”, so she wanted her party, “to react differently to this question”, stating that it should not be politicized. A free vote in the German parliament would almost certainly make gay marriage legal.

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Back in the 2013 election, Mrs Merkel appeared to be on the fence about gay marriage, saying “I’m not sure, as far as the children’s welfare is concerned.” Germany does have civil partnerships, but in an interview this week, she herself described visiting a lesbian couple in her constituency, who are foster parents to eight children.

If the state entrusts children to the care of such a couple, she said, “I can no longer argue so simply on the basis of children’s welfare”.

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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