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Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas WeddingsLooking for a picture that depicts Las Vegas, it’s hard to find, simply because just one won’t do it justice.

Las Vegas is so full of color, diversity and life that just one picture won’t do justice as to what a wonderful city it is!

No wonder couples from all over the wold fly to THE Wedding Capital of the world to get married. There is everything for every taste and whim. From the night life, clubs, limos all over the Las Vegas Strip to the scenic mountains that tend to take people’s breath away… Just a short drive from the strip, you can find Lake Mead, with mesmerizing scenic views and colorful mountains, with tones of browns, reds, grays and oranges, all adjacent to the must see Hoover Dam.

helicopter tour Las VegasAnyone traveling to Las Vegas, can either hop on very affordable helicopter tour to really take in the scenery, hire a concierge company to plan their fabulous trip, hire a local wedding planner who knows the city well, or just simply purchase a Las Vegas strip VIP package of choice and hop into their limo to have a fun night in the town.

Couples looking to get married can choose one of the many chapels located all over town or in just about every hotel.

However, if you are looking to save some time and hate the fuss and stress that comes from a full blown, good old fashion wedding, you can then find a chapel with a drive through window, get married without stepping out of your car, go for the best burger in town and then hit the strip for a memorable night.

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Speaking of memorable, let’s not forget the endless amount of shows of all kinds and top notch plays.

Las Vegas is definitely a buzzing city, full of lights and life with everything for every taste, from the peculiar to the most exotic and everything in between.

weddings las vegasBut, there is something that captures the heart (or shall we say stomach) of every visitor and local alike and that is the amazing food, in a town where almost everything is open 24 hours a day! Oh my, what a wonderful town it is!

From bistros, to all-you-can-eat buffets, to top notch 5 star restaurants led by some of the world’s renowned chefs.

You’ll find plenty of local caterers who are ready to cook for you and to your specifications, so you can have the most amazing meal for your wedding.

All with the objective of providing for you whatever your hungry estomago desires.

And let’s not forget photo booths as they are the current wedding raves, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, they are always a wedding must-have and Las Vegas has just what you want!

Las Vegas weddingsWorried about makeup and music on your special day?
Don’t fret, Las Vegas has some of the most amazing hair and makeup artists in the country, who will come to your hotel or wherever it is that you are staying and enhance your beauty perfectly!

The DJ’s and live musicians are amazing, some of whom maintain a full house on a constant basis all over the strip, bringing fun and the most memorable experiences to all.

Las Vegas weddingsDon’t worry about the bartenders either, have you seen the movie ‘Cocktail’?
I know it’s and oldie, but in Las Vegas, food is not just food, drinks are not just drinks, a stroll is not just a stroll… EVERYTHING in Las Vegas is an experience!

And let’s not forget about the very talented and amazing Wedding Cake Artists, confectioners and chocolatiers, because here you will find some of the best.

Speaking of artists, if you happen to be in town the first week of the month, on any given month… Do not miss Las Vegas’ First Friday, which attracts great artists as well. It takes place in downtown Las Vegas’s Art District. There you can have some of the most tasty street food the town has to offer.

You could even go ghost hunting or visit the mob museum!

las vegas speedwayFrom dirt bike riding by the beautiful mountains, to Exotic car driving on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (exotic cars that by the way, for a very affordable fee YOU can drive yourself), to a romantic out-of-the-way, cowboy-guided horse back riding trek, some of which end with a juicy, hearty, manly and very tasty, cowboy steak out in the middle of nowhere, there are so many ways that you can get out there set your eyes upon some of the most beautiful scenery, that this beautiful country has to offer.

Welcoming everyone from everywhere, Las Vegas, is one of the friendliest and welcoming places that you could find with top notch, smiling customer service always!

Learn more about Las Vegas here!

By Ingrid Jackson

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