Gifts for the first Christmas together as a married couple

Christmas Gifts

Christmas GiftsThe first Christmas together as a newly married couple can be truly special. Even though a couple may have gone through many of them before, perhaps when dating or even as an engaged couple, going through those first festivities as a married couple brings something special to the table. This is the chance to really express yourself and show each other how much that special year has been to each other.

So what about gifts. This is no longer the dating stage. This is the first Christmas together as a married couple. The first thing that you are going to want to figure out, is how each other’s gifts are going to be paid for. If you are running a joint bank account or a shared credit card where you both will be looking at the statements, then surprises could be spoiled. So figure out how you are going to be paying for things.

A Gift that she will LOVE!

The next thing to plan for would be the budget. We are sure you have had the conversation of “let’s not get each other gifts this year” but then one of the party comes up with a gift leaving the other elated and a little embarrassed at the same time. So really work this one out by setting budget. Usually in the first year of marriage, budgets can be a little tighter than usual because of settling down in a new home and paying off the wedding itself. So this is a good opportunity to sit down over a coffee and discuss a budget to stick too.

Even if it is a small budget those gifts on your first Christmas together can still be so special. There is nothing more wonderful than creating something homemade for example and for that extra special touch it could be something related to the wedding. Maybe you could have saved some of those petals that were scattered over the aisle to incorporate into a handmade picture frame, or use one of the photographs from the wedding to have blown up into a canvas print perhaps.

Necklace Earring SetHow about a journal? You can give this as a gift to your loved one but it would have massive value to you both. You can use this journal to start a tradition of writing memories, hopes and dreams down in it on easy passing anniversary. You don’t always have to think materially either with all of this gift giving, because perhaps a special dinner back at the restaurant which hosted your reception or if viable, tickets for a weekend trip to your honeymoon destination to recapture some of that special time together.

If you are going down the more traditional route, you can probably not go too wrong with jewelry. Maybe the bride was torn between two sets for her wedding day, so why not use this special moment to go out and get her that on that she left behind, that special Austrian crystal beaded necklace and earring set that she had coveted. Make sure through subtle conversation that you know. Or how about showing him that you embrace his love of sports by getting him a golf or baseball key-chain or a just a stylish key chain a money clip to carry around which can of course hold the key to your first home together?

The options really are endless when it comes to gifts for that first Christmas together as a married couple. Really take this time to find something special for your loved one, take extra care on that special gift wrapping and take some time to sit together on that first Christmas morning over a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa and appreciate the time you’ve had together in wedlock. To make that first Christmas as a married couple even more special and reminisce about that special day that happened during hat year to bring you together for ever.

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