Greenery is the new white for 2017 weddings


There is some big news that could have a major bearing on your 2017 wedding. That is because the color of the year is…drumroll…yellow. No wait, we were handed the wrong envelope, it’s Greenery! Yes, that’s Greenery, not green. The Pantone Color Institute has been announcing a Color of the Year since 2000 and it is a color which reflects the current cultural climate.

Pantone colors are basically standards for industry and printing and in manufacturing of things paints, plastics and fabrics. So it is something that can have a massive influence on fashion trends for the given year and that can have an influence on your wedding this year. For this year, the color Greenery is the top dog.

You think of Greenery and you have it symbolizing freshness and the season of Spring. Greenery comes with a bit of a yellow-green hue and if you want to get all technical it is (Pantone 15-0343). So if you are planning a 2017 wedding, then it’s a great time to go green as you will be trending.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to walk down the aisle in a green wedding dress. You may not want to look like the Hulk’s long lost sister, but you can use the Greenery color as accents in your overall design. This can be on things like your charger plates at your reception, napkins or in the ribbons that decorate the chairs.  

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Greenery is very fresh and reflects the environment, minimalism and nature as well so it is perfect for those outdoor weddings. But with a little design style you can bring all this indoors and why not even serve green drinks at cocktail hour too like a Grasshopper or a Green Apple Martini.

Top Ten 2017 Colors by Pantone

Here is the full top ten trending colors for the Spring season 2017, which are the trending colors to capture the promise and hope of the season. For 2017 they are Island Paradise, Flame, Lapis Blue, Primrose Yellow, Island Paradise, Hazelnut, Kale, Pink Yarrow, Greenery and Pale Dogwood.

Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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