Happy Holidays!


Bridal sparkleUrban Bride Chic wishes you all a very happy holiday season!

As we approach the new year, we want to look back at what 2016 has meant to us.

Thinking back to all of this year’s events, we want to focus on the positive, on that which matters most, the people for whom we get up every morning and do what we do.

Focusing on those who have infinite love in their hearts and offer themselves to the betterment of humanity in a selfless way to make our world a better place to be, for us, our children and generations to come.

We are grateful for you, our readers, followers, fans and supporters for without you there would be no us!

Thank you for reading our blog posts, for following us on Twitter, for being our fans on Facebook and for being here, everyday giving us “fuel” to keep on going.

Happy Hanukkah – Merry Christmas – Happy Kwanzaa – Happy Yuletide  – Feliz Navidad!

LOVE for ALL & ALL for LOVE!
Happy Holidays!