How to plan your wedding to relieve anxiety

wedding invitations UBCThis is only the biggest day of your entire life. This is the day when you commit yourself to your betrothed and this is no small deal. On average a person spends around 120 hours planning a wedding (but some can go up to 900 hours), with the average engagement period running at about 14 months. So that is a lot of time and energy being put into your big special day and that will naturally lead to anxiety about the occasion. However, there are things you can to do to alleviate some of those anxieties.

Here are Urban Bride Chic’s top five tips for reducing anxiety over your wedding.

Keep the Guest-list manageable

Deciding on who exactly is coming to the wedding and who is not is probably the most stressful part of the entire wedding process. It’s certainly a lot more difficult than picking a honeymoon destination or the color of your flowers. This can be a tricky thing to get right and you are going to have to cut through all the politics of “having” to invite someone just out of obligation. The more people that are at your wedding, the more social anxiety can build up, but if you are walking down the aisle knowing that around you are just the people who are the very closest to you can help you feel far more relaxed on your big day.

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Organize, Organize, Organize

The more planning and organizing that you do ahead of time, as far out as possible from your wedding date, the easier things are going to be. Make your list of priorities and plan to get certain ones done in a given week. Plan out everything from your accommodation, menu and transportation, down to when your Save The Date and Wedding Invitations are going to go out.  Then you won’t be left with any surprises at all and most importantly, you won’t have to be rushing around in the final week leading up to your wedding. That last week needs to be as stress free as possible because you will have to deal with emotional anxiety then. Knowing you have everything covered is a big wedding stress buster.


wedding planning break UBCDown Time

In the week building up to your wedding, a great way to bust some anxiety is to have some down time with your partner. Plan a romantic night where you just spend some quiet time alone and this can be taken a step further by breaking out of the trend of being surrounded by a whole bunch of people when you are getting ready on your wedding day. Why not, after having had makeup and hair done, step aside from the crowds and get dressed together for your wedding, yes, just you and your partner. Relax a little, sip a little bubbly and this can be a special, wonderful quiet moment to share and break up anxieties. That little calm can go a long way.

Be a part of the party

If you are someone who gets those social butterflies and who crumbles under the weight of social expectation then avoid all of that at your wedding. It is your wedding after all and if you cut out moments where the entire spotlight is on you, such as tossing the bouquet, the cutting of the cake or the first dance, then cutting them out can make for a more relaxed occasion for you. It’s your wedding and you want to be relaxed and there’s nothing wrong with not being the center of attention at your own party. Mingle, mix and don’t put yourself in the spotlight more than you want to be.


There is a big pressure on weddings from outside sources, such as parents of the bride who want their little girl’s dream wedding to be a certain way. This sort of social expectation can lead you to doing things and having things you don’t’ want at your wedding. Instead of being dictated to, set your stall out from the beginning by telling friends and family just what they are going to expect at your wedding. If they are expecting a regal affair while you have kept it classy, cool and chic then they won’t be disappointed by the time you get there. Just don’t let anyone talk you out of what you want!


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