It is Engagement Season People!

Mariah Carey Engagement

Mariah Carey EngagementLove is in the air and no one can show it better than all the fabulous Hollywood stars.

The rich, famous and fabulous are showing their love for each other this engagement season, and yes, you guessed it … all the lucky ladies were gifted huge diamond rings that would probably leave most us blind in one eye, but probably very, very happy from the seeing one as we stare into our shiny huge diamond… can someone say money maaadness!

Anywaaays, between Lindsey Lohan, one of Golf’s finest Rory McIlroy, Kate Upton, ex NFL’s NY Jets Kerry Rhodes, Rob Kardashian’s engagement to Black Chyna and let’s not forget Mariah Carey’s engagement to Billionaire James Packer, oh Mariah, Mariah … sporting a 30 CarEngagement Ringsat diamond engagement ring, lohdy, lohdy!!

The message is clear ladies, the very generous (and for the most part good looking) wealthy gentleman who jumped onto the engagement season wagon this year are all off the singles market, well, at least for the time being!

With engagement rings worth millions in most cases, one can only imagine how fabulous the wedding celebrations will be, hoping to be invited to at least one of the fabulous parties, UBC will definitely keep you informed about all of the out-of-this-world nuptials.

Hopefully none of them will pull a super secret island wedding on us like Empire’s co-stars Trai Byers and Grace Gealey did! … how could they?

It’s not that we are nosey, we just want to witness as much of the preparations as possible, so we can share all of the details, tips and tricks with you, the venues, wedding dresses, who’s making the cake and how can we dupe their fabulosity while staying on budget… is that too much to ask? I think not!

We can have it all ladies, okay, maybe not the 30 Carat multimillion dollar ring, but we can certainly plan the wedding of our dreams, be fabulous and still not break the bank, unless of course you can break the bank, in which case, we want all the deets, an invite wouldn’t hurt either, just saaying!

Congratulations to all the happy couples, we wish you al the best!