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To add the featured option to your business listing, add only $14.99 to any of our Listing plans.

All payments are made securely via PayPal. (A PayPal account is not necessary)

You are always in control, this is not an automatic subscription.

(We do not bill you automatically when your listing expires)

Never miss an opportunity to be seen… You never know where your next client is going to find you!

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3 Months Business Listing $20.00 (@ 6.66 p/m)

6 Months Business Listing $35.00 (@5.83 p/m)

1 Year Business Listing $60.00 (@5.00 p/m)

All listings include:

  • Up to 6 pictures
  • A Vimeo or YouTube video
  • A map to your business

Take the opportunity to upgrade your business listing to featured status for only $14.99 for the entire duration of your listing at any level!


special offerBenefits of Featured listing:

  • Add up to 6 pictures
  • Add a Vimeo or YouTube video to your listing
  • Add a map to your listing
  • Premium exposure at all times!
  • Shared on our social media.
  • Featured on revolving Banner carousel at the top of all listings.
  • Featured on the sidebar revolving carousel of all of our pages, including our front page!
  • After signing up for our giveaways, local brides-2-be, if in your area will receive your business information via email.
  • Could be featured as premier vendor in one of our newsletters.

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