Live Petals or Faux Petals?

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When it comes to walking down the aisle, the question always remains whether to use live or faux petals.

Here is the scoop, for those who can spend the dough on an amazing wedding planner, then perhaps real live petals would work and that is because their wedding planner would definitely make sure that the petals stay alive, fresh and vibrant until the moment that they are placed down the wedding aisle for the beautiful bride to walk down on.

Wedding Planning Tip:

Now, don’t confuse a wedding planner with a venue coordinator, that is because even though venue coordinators are totally amazing at what they do, they are there to make sure that the venue follows through with what they promised the couple to deliver. They do not call photographers if they are late, or scream at the flower people if the flowers came in the wrong color. If you have a wedding planner, they would be the ones to sort all that out for ya, if not, you will be the one stuck on your wedding day, stressing and doing all the screaming when things go wrong.

Gosh, I am just so full of…. good ideas!

Anyways ladies, back to the flower petals

When choosing real petals, make sure to consult with your venue coordinator as they may not allow real flower petals and that is because, some venues carry a policy not allowing real petals as they may stain the linens and floors. So if you want to use real petals and are worried about staining, then look for a freeze-dried option! Don’t worry, they are not slippery if you step on one and they do not stain linens and floors.

You can even use eco-friendly, bio-degradable flower petals!

Wedding Petal Tip:

You will need a minimum of 100 petals per foot, ideally 250 to 300 petals per foot, but for best coverage you may want to go with 500 to 600 petals per foot.
Keep in mind that if you are using silk rose petals the amount of petals needed would be less, about 200 to 300 less rose petals per foot.

wedding rose petal tips

For outdoor weddings

If you are having a nice summer beach, backyard or outdoor wedding, perhaps the best way to go is to use faux petals. They’ll withstand the heat and you can set them early on, as long as it is not a windy day, of course! Otherwise wait till it’s almost time and assign a family member or friend to spread them down the aisle for you, don’t forget to take into consideration the heat factor.

Now, you would not have to worry about wind or heat if you have a flower girl, that being the case, she would be the one to spread the petals down the aisle, just before your purrfelicious self walks on it with your insanely gorgeous bridal shoes.

Another new trend that I would like to share with you…
Some brides choose not to have a flower girl at their wedding, so they are leaving on their guests chairs, those closest to the aisle, a beautiful pouch with petals and it is these guests who are the ones who toss them down the aisle, not on the bride, but right before the bride walks on it.

Pssst don’t forget your wedding accessories!

Ladies, don’t miss out on the newest bridal rave:

Some faux petals can be very nice and realistic looking, so much so that your guests wouldn’t be able to tell if they are real or not. You can get even more creative and get in on the newest rave and scent them up a bit by soaking them in perfume and letting them dry out.

So, when it comes to rose petals down the aisle, chillax, it is all a matter of taste, the desired density and budget, of course.

Whatever you choose, you do you honey, it is YOUR day and no one else’s and don’t forget what really matters.

Congratulations on your special day and may you reign on your wedding day!

Written by Ortencia
The Wedding Fairy Godmother

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Live Petals or Faux Petals?

When it comes to walking down the aisle, the question always remains whether to use live or faux petals. Here ...
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