Nooo, it’s raining!

rainy wedding

It’s winter. It rains. Of course, with you having planned your wedding well in advance, just about the only thing that you can’t control at the end of the day is the weather. You’ve probably all seen the drama of a bride waking up on the morning of her nuptials, pulling back the curtains and seeing the wet stuff falling from the sky. It can cause a major stress on a day where there is already so much stress about other things remaining on track. It’s a day when everything should be perfect. But imperfections can be beautiful as well and the Urban Bride may well be familiar with the rain and indeed, embrace the positives that can come from it.

Hand in the Rain Embracing the rain, is actually a cultural thing, particularly in Hindu traditions, where rain on your wedding day is considered a good thing. Frankly the way to look at it would be like this. When you are snuggled up on your couch ten years in the future looking back at the fond photographic memories of the day you united as one, then it will probably be something largely insignificant in the grand scheme of things and you would probably be wondering what all the stress was about.

So what are some reasons to embrace rain on your wedding day? Well some cultures embrace the rain as a symbol of fertility. It makes sense because the rain waters the ground that gives life to vegetation and plants, so it plays a pretty big hand in fertility. The superstition of this therefore is likely to have come from cultures based heavily in agriculture. Another aspect of rain is its cleansing nature and people can interpret that as washing away of sad times from the past.

Another close relative of that would be renewal, which would involve washing way bad memories and the like to give you a new start. What about unity? That’s a good thing right? Soak a knot in water and what happens? It becomes even tougher to get undone. So if the rain pours on the day you “tie the knot” then it adds strength to your marriage according to Hindu traditions. One other positive tradition about rain on your wedding day is the symbolization that it has with tears.

We are not talking about the tears from the Father of the Bride when he sees how much the reception cost him, but in a positive sense, rain on the day of the wedding can be seen in some traditions of meaning that this will be the last tears that the Bride sheds for the rest of her life. Until she steps barefoot on a piece of Lego of course.

Top Five Reasons to embrace rain on your wedding day

  • Cleansing
  • Fertility
  • Unity
  • Renewal
  • Tears

So there you are, some positives to not get stressed on your wedding day if the heavens open up, because you can attach a lot of good luck if it happens. Urban Bride Chic was researching this and the positives of rain on your wedding day vastly outweigh the negatives in terms of superstition and tradition. There was a reversal of the tears link as a negative, where some cultures believe that it could represent tears for the bride during her marriage instead of being the last ones she cries.

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So the rain isn’t something to really get stressed about and in fact Urban Bride Chic can deliver even more positives about the rain on your wedding day. First of all though, one piece of advice that we can offer is that if you are planning ahead for an outdoor wedding, just have a Plan B in position in case you have switch the ceremony indoors. It’s just a matter of being prepared. So you may not want to be singing rain, rain go away, come back another day when you read our insights into a rainy wedding day.

Urban Bride Chic UmbrellaThe rain can make for some beautiful wedding pictures. It adds such a sense of drama and atmosphere to your shots. Don’t forget that this is also a good opportunity to go and utilize the prop of an umbrella (see Urban Bride Chic’s Wedding Umbrella’s like the one in the picture HERE). Wouldn’t it be a cute photograph of the couple squeezed together under an umbrella, protecting and sheltering each other. There’s some great artistic license to be enjoyed here while it pours. It can all be turned in a beautiful romantic photo album.

Then who wouldn’t enjoy reminiscing and thinking of that beautiful ceremony that not even some unfortunate weather could ruin. Maybe if you had to go through with the outdoor ceremony in wedding wellies or a huge gust of wind blew over the Mother of the Bride, there is probably going to be a memorable story to come out of all this. It could add something unique and extra special when you are telling your grandkids.

So which side of the fence are you on?Here Comes the Rain

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