Not a Hair-Raising Wedding Fact at all!

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Are you stressing out over what hairdo to go for your wedding? Don’t know if an up-do or a down-do is right for you? Bangs or no bangs, symmetrical or asymmetrical, buns or a beehive? There’s a lot to think about in choosing what coiffure to roll out with on your wedding day. But not so much if you would have been a bride in ancient Sparta.

They made it pretty easy on brides back then in the ancient Greek City-State, because the head of the woman would just be shaved off completely the night before the wedding.

That would be a big wedding budget saver right there.

Post article Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

Visual and Creative Editor Ingrid Jackson

Wedding hairdo

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wedding hair do

Not a Hair-Raising Wedding Fact at all!

Are you stressing out over what hairdo to go for your wedding? Don't know if an up-do or a down-do ...
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