Obamas’ response to Wedding Invite goes viral

It has probably happened to the best of us. You get an invite for a wedding and just simply put on the pile of things to do and yes, from there it never actually gets replied to. It gets put off, then forgotten and then it’s all too late. Best intentions can go awry sometimes.

But if you are someone who has done that before, then hang your head in shame, because even the former President of the United States and the First Lady can find time to reply to a wedding invite.

Actually, they can find the time to reply to an invite that they received from someone they didn’t even know..

That’s a class act for you. Earlier this year a woman had written to the Obama’s to invite them to their wedding. The bride-to-be, Liz Whitlow decided to mail an invite to them to come along and join in her nuptial celebrations.

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Then, at the end of July, Whitlow got a response from the Obama’s which can be seen in this now-viral tweet.

In full, the note read: “Congratulations on your wedding. We hope that your marriage is blessed with love, laughter, and happiness and that your bond grows stronger with each passing year. This occasion marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership, and as you embark on this journey, know you have our very best for the many joys and adventures that lie ahead.”

Look at the quality of that stationery they responded with! The style, the sophistication, the effort put into it. Frankly, that’s just about the pinnacle of polite refusals to receive to your wedding really. As can be seen by the following capture of a text convo between Whitlow and her daughter about the Obama mail, the current POTUS wasn’t extended the same invitation.

The viral story then sparked other to chimes in with their own experiences of getting responses from the Obamas, with people having invited them to personal major events such as wedding (which happened in 2014 and last year) graduations, births and even, bizarrely, funerals.

If you fancy getting in on the act, then here is the address that Whitlow used to send her invitation to the Obama’s.

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