Oh heel, no!

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marquesas island UBCYou don’t really associate a carpet with having anything to do with a wedding, but yes, we have dug around and found a wedding tradition that actually incorporates one.

Yes, a carpet Jim, but not as we know it.

Well, we all know that wedding customs can be great fun to read about, they can inspire you to open your mind to perhaps creating a special tradition of your own at your wedding. Well, if you are attending a wedding this year as a relative of the bride, you will be hoping that she hasn’t been studying a particular custom from the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia.

There, once the wedding is over, the relatives of the bride all get to lay down in a line, side by side like a human carpet.

Then the bride and groom walk over them. What?!? Yup!

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Urban Bride Chic was unable to ascertain an actual reason as to why this happens, but apparently once the couple have gotten to the end of the human carpet, they can then go off on their honeymoon. As long as they haven’t broken an ankle.

This is one of those scenarios where the bride’s father would likely be begging his daughter not to buy those stiletto heels for the big day and for the groom to give up body building for a few months prior.

Maybe the walk over the guests is to symbolize a bumpy road ahead, and that there are always good times at the end? Who knows. It may even be a nice bit of spine correction or a shiatsu massage for the lower back, but being a stepping stone for the happy couple…ouch.

Marquesas Island is gorg though, stunningly beautiful and perfect for a honeymoon!

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