Olympian Tom Daley dives into married life with Lance Black

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tom daley wedding ubcGB Olympian Tom Daley (22) has taken a dive into married life as he tied the knot with partner Lance Black (42) recently. The couple’s ceremony was held at Bovey Castle Hotel in the famous Dartmoor National Park in England with friends and family in attendance.

Daley, who won bronze for Great Britain at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, found himself in hospital just a couple of days before the ceremony, but no details of his ailment was released. The suggestions were, however, that it was a training injury that he had picked up and on the road to taking the plunge, there were some other bumps along the way for the couple.

Tom Daley Wedding UBCAlong with a seven month separation last year, there was the issue of the long-distance relationship for the couple, after they had patched things up. The Atlantic ocean often separated them even further because of their busy work schedules. Black, a screenwriter of the 2008 movie ‘Milk’, would spend time in the US working, which made planning the wedding a tough thing for the couple to pull together. At one point Daley confessed jokingly that it would be the easiest thing just to have the wedding in the middle of the Atlantic.

The couple were engaged back in October 2015 after having dated for a couple of years prior. It was Daley who apparently initiated the move toward a relationship, taking Black’s phone and putting his number into it along with an emoji. For Black that was a confirmation of Daley’s sexuality, as he joked that he had never heard of a straight man putting their number in another man’s phone along with a winky face.

tom daley and lance black wedding UBCApparently the talk of marriage had came up in the first two weeks of the couple dating and it was Black who was the one to drop to a knee and ask for his partner’s hand in marriage, with Black revealing afterwards that he had been concocting his own marriage proposal plans. So the two self-confessed soul mates were on the same page and now they have taken a dive into matrimony, they are looking forward to both children and building their own home.

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