Our Top Five New Year’s Wedding Resolutions

New Years eve

wedding danceOnce the New Year celebrations have died down, for a lot of couples this is when the Wedding Planning really kicks into high gear. If you are looking forward to getting married in 2017, then January 1st, 2017 is likely going to be a very important marker on your calendar. Suddenly you can go from saying “I’m getting married next year” to “I’m getting married this year”. While that may instil a bit of panic with all of the planning to come, the start of the new year in which your wedding is planned will bring the whole affair into more focus. The time crunch will be intensified.

But it is a new year and this is a great time, full of energy and optimism abound at the start of the new year to get yourself into action. People do it with a diet, with exercises, so why not in planning a wedding? This is your wedding year and you have to get everything in order. What better than to lay down some diligence by making some New Year’s Wedding Resolutions? These little promises to yourself can help you take some stress out of your Wedding Planning.

1 – I will finalize the guest list early

Yep, this is probably one of the most daunting aspects of planning a wedding. You have to go through everyone that you know and remember if they are going to get on your wedding list or not. You have to consider those family quarrels, of who isn’t likely to be too happy to see another relative and the thing about all of this is that you aren’t dealing with one family in most cases, you are dealing with the bride’s and the groom’s respective families. So that is a lot of people that you have to try and fit into your wedding plans.

This becomes difficult if you have set budget and can only afford to invite a certain amount of people to your wedding. Again, as daunting as this can be, the sooner you can get this done, the better. It will lift a tremendous amount of pressure of your wedding planning duties. Finalising the guest list is hugely important because it can, in a lot of instances, determine the venue of the reception once you know exactly how many are coming.

2 – I will make the registry a priority

This is not one of the more exciting lists of tasks on the wedding planning list, but it needs to be done and it is something that a wedding planner can’t do for you. There is nothing to feel selfish about with this really, because guests want to shower your union with a nice gift in celebration and honour of your wedding. So you might as well get something you actually want out of it all and therefore plan the registry early and inform your guests (once your guest list is done). Don’t be embarrassed about asking for a toaster if that’s what you really need! The early you get this one done, the more gracious you are being to your attending guests so that they can plan ahead and get a gift in good time and aren’t left with last-minute shopping to do on top of having their own expenses like a special outfit for the day or even travel expenses.

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3 – I will delegate and trust my vendors

 plannerYou are going to be dishing out good money to a lot of people to help you pull your wedding together. There is the officiant, who wants to deliver a wonderful ceremony to you and yours. There is the venue in making sure the place is spotless and beautiful. There are caterers, waiters, chefs, florists, photographers, planners, tailors and so many more people who are involved in your wedding other than just you and your husband or wife to be. Here is the thing, you will probably have done due diligence in hiring vendors in the first place, so afford them some trust.

It is alright to call themup and discuss details here and there, but don’t drive them crazy by calling every day. At the end of the day you’re going to have to take a step back and let them do their job. Allow the professionals to take the stress off of your hands and don’t make yourself add more unnecessary stress onto your long list of planning things by sweating over them getting their jobs, the things they are good at, done.

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4 – I won’t forget my spouse at the reception

The reception is a very special time for the couple, but this is also a time when all the guests and family members want to hog the bride and groom for their own personal reasons, such as getting a selfie. At the reception, it is easy for the bride and groom to be pulled apart and not actually get to have much time together other than the planned first dance.

Make sure that you have time with your loved one to enjoy the festivities that are going on around you. This is all for you at the end of the day and make sure that you eat your food, particularly if you are sipping champagne all evening as you don’t want to prove people with a Youtube epic wedding fail moment, and there is nothing wrong with taking a few monuments either to enjoy a piece of that very expensive cake together. Be a little bit selfish, enjoy each other and create some memories at the reception instead of just letting it pass you by.

happy couple5 – My wedding day will be perfect – regardless

Nothing is perfect and it is unrealistic to think it is going to be. There, Urban Bride Chic said it. There is likely going to be at least one little glitch, maybe the groom trips over his tongue while reciting the vows, maybe a baby in the guest party decides to have a temper tantrum mid-ceremony, maybe you stumble walking out onto the dance floor for your first dance at the reception or a stray shrimp leaps from your appetiser plate and stains your dress.

So what if it rains out of the blue, this is still your day and there are still beautiful memories to be created. Frankly, if any little things do go wrong, it’s highly unlikely that many, or any, of the guests are actually going to notice unless it’s something major. You can always laugh anything off and when you look back at the day, you will probably be laughing merrily about the bout of hiccups that the best man had during his speech. Let it go, enjoy the day, whatever it may throw at you. At the end of the day, this is about you getting married, nothing else.