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WEDDING DRESSPlunge into your Spring Wedding by incorporating some of the coolest trends that are happening for this popular wedding season. Crank up the Wedding March and dot the I’s and cross the T’s on that registry, because with the arrival of Spring Break and Easter, you know that we have hit the season.

So how can you dress the part for a Spring Wedding? Well, the hottest trends out of the city have seen designers mix the classical elements of wedding dresses like trains and veils with a daring, cool urban-esque feel where showing a bit of skin, ups the chic ante. Spring is obviously when the weather starts to get a little warmer and therefore, you can be comfortable with exposing a little bit more.

urban brideOpen-backed dresses have been hugely popular lately and now there has been a spring-swing to the front. The plunging v-neck at the front. It’s a bold plunge too, that has come back, some going right down to the pelvis. Basically, however deep you want to go, cleavage is trending for the Spring.

So too is a bit of side boob at the moment. Corsetry is cool-as right now in the fashion industry, with the bustiers being embellished with soft finishes like lace and embroidery. The side boob is playing its part (as well as in the daring plunge) thanks to strategically positioned illusion paneling. So this Spring Wedding season appears to be about expressing what you have and celebrating you.

The classics are all hot right now and it’s chic to be rolling out with either a veil or a train, or both if you want full embellishment, drama and glamour. The key accents for veils and trains are currently Swarovski crystals which add that delicate touch of romance. There isn’t a particular length which has been hot for the Spring Wedding season, yet, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a short train or epic royal affair, you can get on board with this trend.

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But things have gone just a little step further with the rise in popularity of wedding capes. If you are feeling empowered, throw on a cape and the street-style cape is becoming hugely popular at the moment above the regular runaway style or the simple super-hero cape. Add that urban touch to your wedding outfit this Spring with a cape, because these are blooming into fashion.

Other things to look out for this spring is lace, which is really hot right now and that kind of plays into a chic hippy-style of dress that is popular at the moment. It is a free-flowing, soft style that could that play a beautiful juxtaposition to your Urban wedding. Think Coachella-style with a street setting.

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