Your Wedding To Do Checklist

Wedding PlanningCongratulations on your engagement!

Once you have announced your engagement to your family and friends with a memorable engagement party, that is when the wedding preparations begin and stuff gets real!

In an effort to help you with all the details necessary to have a memorable wedding day, we have compiled your Wedding To Do Checklist, this way you can concentrate on enjoying the process instead on feeling overwhelmed by it.

If you just got engaged then it is very likely that you haven’t set a date yet. That being the case and in case you were wondering, a good rule of thumb would be to set your wedding day to a year or so from your engagement. However, if you and your other half are the spontaneous type and don’t want to wait, there is always fabulous Las Vegas and hey, why not? We know of some very famous people who’ve done just that!

To make it easy for you, we have turned your Wedding To Do Checklist into a PDF file, this way you can download it, print it and work from it by checking tasks off the list as you get them done.

Without further ado, here is your Wedding To Do List.

Wedding To Do Checklist

The following checklist is ideal when used within a time frame of twelve months (52 weeks). However, if you are getting married sooner, to make sure that things go smoothly as possible for you, just go down this list and try to get the following tasks completed and checked off as soon as possible.

For your convenience, here is the Wedding To Do Checklist in PDF format for you to download and or print out.

10 to 12 months prior to wedding day:

☐  Set the date.

☐  Hire a wedding consultant/Planner.

☐  Determine your budget.

☐  Figure out how expenses will be shared. (Who is paying for what?)

☐  Make a guest list.

☐  Agree on who is going to be the wedding party.

☐  Book your engagement photo session. (You can later include these pictures in save-the-date cards)

☐  Decide on theme, colors and décor. (Lighting, flowers, china, linens, etc.)

☐  Think of a cake, schedule an appointment for design and tasting.

8 to 10 months prior to wedding day:

☐  Use the first two weeks of these three months to scout vendors and venues (DJ’s, caterers, florists, officiants, photographers/videographers, etc.)

☐  Reserve the venue (s) for your ceremony and cake

☐  Create and publish your wedding website.

☐  Book your officiant/Minister.

☐  Book your DJ, band or musicians.

☐  Book your Photographer / Videographer.

☐  Hire a caterer, schedule a tasting and decide on menu.

☐  Hire a florist.

☐  Order your cake / Hire a baker

6 to 8 months prior to wedding day:

☐  Choose and order save the date cards, your wedding invitations plus wedding announcements. (Order 25 to 30 extra, just in case and don’t forget your place cards and thank you notes)

☐  If you are having out of town guests, check for hotel availability and secure/reserve your guests’ rooms. (Don’t forget to ask for group rates)

☐  Decide on who is going to do your hair and makeup.

☐  Pick out your wedding dress, accessories and men’s attire. (Give ample time for alterations!)

☐  Mail out the save-the-date cards. (Include map and lodging information)

☐  Enroll in wedding/shower gift registries. (Add registry link to your wedding website)

☐  Make arrangements for music to be played at the ceremony.

☐  Shop for wedding rings.

☐  Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses.

☐  Decide on transportation to and from your ceremony and reception.

☐  Plan your honeymoon. If your wedding is outside of the country, arrange for visas, passports and necessary vaccines.

 wedding planning

4 to 6 months prior to wedding day:

☐  Plan rehearsal dinner.

☐  Buy wedding rings.

☐  Plan wedding-day beauty preparations; ask your stylist how far in advance they book wedding parties, and whether they are willing to work on the wedding site.

☐  Start writing your vows.

☐  Finalize your honeymoon plans. (hotels, transportation, etc.)

☐  Hire your wedding day transportation service

☐  Research wedding license regulations and documents necessary to marry in the country or county you are planning to wed.

2 to 4 months prior:

☐  Obtain a marriage license. Bring all necessary documents (check for marriage license expiration dates in your state or county).

☐  Order tuxedoes for the groom and groomsmen.

☐  Meet with your caterer to go over menus, wine selections, etc.

☐  Order your guestbook, party favors, and bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.

☐  Confirm wedding ceremony and reception music.

☐  Book a hotel room for the wedding night.

☐  Call all of your wedding vendors and venues for confirmation of date
and time

☐  Mail your wedding invitations with RSVP cards about 8 weeks prior to you wedding date.

4 to 8 weeks prior:

☐  Plan the seating arrangements for your reception.

☐  Make list of all RSVP’s.

☐  Obtain information and forms for name changing.

☐ Re-confirm all transportation plans.

☐  Design and print all ceremony programs.

☐  Do trial run off your hair and

2 to 4 weeks prior:

☐  Have a list of all of your vendors and wedding party
with contact information at all times with you.

☐  Finalize arrangements for out of town guests.

☐  Write down your wedding day timeline along with vendor’s expected arrival and delivery times.

☐   Write your rehearsal dinner toast.

☐  Inform the rehearsal dinner details to all of those who will participate in your rehearsal dinner.

 ring boy

1 to 2 weeks prior:

☐  Enclose any tips and fees due on the wedding day in envelopes for easy distribution.

☐  Give the caterer a final head count.

☐  Appoint a trustworthy person to act as an “organizer” to handle any last-minute problems and to bring important items to the reception. (cake knife, toasting glasses, etc.)

☐  Confirm your honeymoon, details and itinerary.

☐  Print copies of your ceremony and reception itinerary to give to your wedding party (this way everyone is on the same page).


☐  Have wedding dress delivered or picked up.

☐  Have lunch with your “organizer” and wedding party to review final details.

☐  Get beauty treatments (facial, massage, waxing, brow shaping, etc.)

☐  Have all of your out of town guests gift bags prepared.

☐  Pack for your honeymoon.

☐  Confirm with all vendors and send a timetable including the address, map and directions of where they need to go to on your wedding day. (Include the cell phone number of your “Organizer”, just in case.)


The day before the wedding:

☐  Gather together the following:

☐  Something old
Symbolizing continuity with family and heritage

☐  Something new
Symbolizing optimism and hope for the new life ahead

☐  Something borrowed
An item from a happily married friend or family member

☐  Something blue
Symbolizing love and fidelity


☐  Have gift bags for out of town guests delivered to their hotel.

☐  Get final beauty treatment (Mani and Pedi)

☐  Enjoy a relaxing day with family and friends.

☐  Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; give gifts to attendants.

☐  Give the rings, and officiant’s fee, to the best man.

☐  Take a deep breath and relax!


Wedding day:

☐  Post wedding announcements in the

☐  Remember to breath, relax and remain calm.

☐  Switch your engagement ring to the other hand.

☐  Get makeup and hair done.

☐  Allow at least two hours for getting dressed.

☐  Get Married… You did it!

ENJOY your wedding day, congratulations!!


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