Preparing for Your Wedding Reception

wedding reception

wedding receptionA wedding reception is in some cases, a grandiose and joyous celebration joined by family members and friends.

The event is marked by music which is usually played for about four hours while socializing, dancing, drinking and catered, gourmet feasting indulgence takes place.

Your wedding reception

From wedding invitations, table setting, lighting, flowers, centerpieces, keepsakes, gifts for guests, music, bartenders, food, wedding cake, service staff, matron of ceremonies and configuring guests seating arrangements, among a million other things, it can all takes months to plan.

Months of chaos and careful planning culminates in what should be a flawless event.

For a bride just choosing the right wedding dress can be a daunting task that could take hours and in some cases days or even weeks.Wedding Reception

This is why having a wedding planner is so important. It alleviates the burden of planning and single-handedly carrying out every single detail, freeing the bride to concentrate on what really matters, saying ‘I do!’

However, not everyone has a limitless budget at their disposal and some may not even want a huge wedding reception, whereas some brides just prefer to be hands on with every detail regardless of how big the celebration. They are careful to be personally involved with every detail, some even crafting their own wedding decorations, setting their own tables and creating their own DIY wedding decor.

When assuming “all roles” for your wedding preparations, simple and elegant are the two main concepts to focus on and remembering that this is what should be a once in a lifetime event. A memorable day where love, simplicity and finesse should reign.

Regardless of how large the venue or how much you end up spending, the very first thing to choose would be the color scheme for your wedding reception.  Remember that darker tones such as red, black, royal blue and gold for example, appear to be richer and can be more elegant.

Some couples also have a theme, like for example a beach theme, in this case you would probably find sea shells and beach sand as part of the decorations. But, always remember that when “DIYing” your wedding,  simple and elegant is the way to to go in order to stay on budget and still be able to create a luxurious wedding reception.

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