Put a spring in your step with an Easter 2017 wedding

Easter wedding



Easter weddingSunday, April 16th is the day that Easter 2017 falls on and it will be a big weekend for couples looking to tie the knot. It is a great Spring time of the year of course and with that, it offers a popular time of the year for offering up some less than traditional wedding dress colors.

Just think of the Easter time, and you can’t but help think of the pastel colors that you will regularly find at the time of the year, like soft blues, minty greens and fresh lemony yellows.

easter weddingThis is the perfect time of the year to step away from the more traditional white, ivory and ecru that is so popular with wedding dresses. Pair up your bridesmaids in stunning blush-shades and you will have hit that warm, fresh spring feel when it comes to your sartorial elegance for your big day.

But what else is synonymous with Easter? Chocolate! That’s right, a girl’s second best friend behind the diamond ring, right? Because of the abundance of chocolate around this time of year, incorporate things like the mini eggs that you find at this time of the year into your decor. If you are having an outdoor, rustic wedding, lay some in some crafted birds-nest centerpieces or top off cupcakes with them.

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wedding flowersThe new spring flowers like daffodils and bluebells will be in seasonal bloom and these, along with their colors, can be incorporated into your Easter wedding. Another reason why Easter is a fantastic time to get married is because of course, it is a long weekend.

With Easter comes the Spring and the longer nights with warmer weather and you get to enjoy this over a long weekend, when guests coming in from out of town, have a chance to stay longer and enjoy the festivities or they have more time to get back home without rushing.

So if you are planning an Easter 2017 wedding, you can put a Spring in your step with this wonderful time of the year, when fresh, happy colors (and chocolate) are the order of the day!

Did you know…

Bunnies and eggs are symbols of fertility and new life (and in different variations depending on religion). But during Holy Week (the seven days before Easter), there was a ban on egg-eating by the church. So the eggs laid during that week, were collected up, decorated and given as gifts to kids instead. So that is where eggs at Easter come from and obviously chocolate eggs took the whole treat to a new a level.

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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