Raw diamond wedding rings – rustic and beautifully flawed

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When you think of a diamond wedding ring, you think of something perfect, something pristine, flawless in its glimmering form. The diamond of course, is an endearing symbol of married life, as that small piece of jewelry is front and center of the entire ceremony of course. It makes its way down the aisle nestled perfectly on a ring-cushion. The groom gets to slowly slide that ring on the finger of his bride to pronounce his vows of commitment to her. It symbolizes unity and togetherness forever. Then of course after the ceremony, the bride gets to go off and flaunt that rock to her, probably envious, friends.

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So the purity of diamonds, one of the most precious minerals on earth has a big role in the history of weddings right up to the modern day. The reported first use of a diamond engagement ring was given over but the Archduke of Hammond back in 1447. Maximilian handed one over to Mary of Burgundy to break the usual showing of a plain metal band and men everywhere have been snapping them up for their beloveds ever since then. So, if you have to sell your Xbox, throw your beer-money into the fund and flog off your boy-racer car to get your bride that diamond wedding ring, then Archduke Maximilian is the reason why.

So over the course of history, diamonds have become a girl’s best friend and it is the ultimate piece of stone to be set into your wedding band. But beautiful flawlessness is not for every bride of course and ringing around the Urban city scene is a trend of wedding rings with raw diamonds set in them. As the name would suggest, these are diamonds in their natural state which haven’t gone through all of that processing and cutting and shaping and polishing.

No, these edgier, naturally textured stones are becoming all the rage at the moment, taking over from the big colorful gem wave that we saw last year. Instead of getting all polished down to a beautiful, clear finish, raw diamonds are left untouched and of course, they are not shaped by the hand of man. So the raw diamond that you get set in your ring (and it looks great off-set against gold) will guarantee that your stone is unique as you are.

WARNING: Strong adult language used in the following video!

Your wedding gem will be like no other on earth. You have the natural rough edges which have been shaped by nature only and it delivers a rustic, earthly, grounded feel to your ring. Hammered metal rings upon which to set raw diamonds adds another level of natural authenticity as well. Maybe this is how was all supposed to be from the very start. It’s highly unlikely that the Archduke of Hammond trotted over to Kay’s Jewelers and got them to finely craft and shape the diamond that he handed over in his engagement. No, it was probably raw, beautifully flawed in a way, just as nature’s inspiration intended.

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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wedding ring

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wedding ring

Raw diamond wedding rings – rustic and beautifully flawed

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