Scary October Wedding Planning Disaster?

Halloween wedding

I think not!

This October, the 13th falls on a Friday, which is a very coveted date to get married and with Halloween right on it’s heels, why not go all the way in?

It’s the perfect wedding day for those who like a fun and perhaps even a dark twist to their nuptials.

But how can one decorate a wedding for Halloween or Friday the 13th?

Does a Friday the 13th or Halloween wedding Planning Disaster Terrifies you?

Don’t worry, we got you… Urban Bride Chic will supply you with some stylish and even Gory Halloween and Friday the 13th DIY wedding accessories and decorating ideas. But if DIY is not your thing, you can always go ahead and purchase these beauties, straight from the source!


Dark & Classy

You can get away with using the traditional type of white or bone colored dresses, while utilizing accessories and decorations that are stylish, yet seasonal for this time of the year.

A great idea for a an elegant October color palette combination would be black with silver or gold with splashes of purple or mauve.true purple designs garters


Here are a couple of very elegant, yet sexy and feminine custom design garters by True Purple Designs which employs some of the aforementioned colors.


Then we have the Glitter, Hollywood Glam Queen herself, Kimberly Lenehan Payano of KGP Designs with fabulous glittery ideas for your special day, like these to die for black glittered champagne glasses.


If a show stopper kind of wedding cake is what you are looking for, you can halt your haunt! These two cakes below were made by two different amazing  and renown wedding cake vendors, which give you great cake decorating ideas of your own.

Sassy'N'Classy Cakes

Sassy’N’Classy Cakes in Las Vegas, NV (702) 401-4530

Las Vegas Custom Cakes (702) 233-CAKE (2253) Black Roses & Spider Webs Wedding Cake #583











Wedding Bouquet by JAXESSORIES

Wedding Bouquet by JAXESSORIES


All of these beautifully made examples show how some of these colors can come together to create a palette that could suit your taste or give you some ideas as to what to do for your Halloween or Friday the 13th wedding..

You can then mix other complementing colors or remove the ones that you don’t like, you could use accessories such as glass skulls, black glittery spiders and even purple edible glitter for your edibles… the possibilities are endless.



Playful & Fun

This one could entail a masquerade wedding for example, where guests dress using masks that could even depict a certain period of time. Another option, which may be simpler for your guests, given the season, would be to wear Halloween costumes… you could even decide a theme, for example a pirate theme or how about you have everyone dress as in The Great Gatsby times?

Playful and fun is certainly for the couples who do not care to have a traditional or conventional type of wedding, for the light-hearted and for those who instead go for the fun of it all. It’s perfect for those who embrace, shall we say, the spirit of the season!

Halloween weddings

Courtesy of The Photo Binder &

Halloween weddings

True Vintage Event Rentals in Holyoke, Mass.











Halloween cakes

Dream Cakes by Lissi in Hollywood, Fl. (954) 668-6422

Gory & Scary

We saved the scariest for last, this one is for those who do not care to scare their guests and their guests do not mind being scared.

Perfect for those who get married in haunted houses with Morticia Addams as the officiant and a wedding cake dripping down with edible fake blood, made with delicious thick and smooth sweet dark cacao, mixed with red berries of the couple’s choice.

So for those couples who are Halloween or Friday the 13th aficionados and have been waiting to get married on one of these dates… this October offers double scary dates to go and say, I do Boo!



Written by Urban Bride Chic’s Visual and Creative Editor Ingrid Jackson
Edited by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson


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