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bride to beTalk to anybody about a wedding and one of the first things to come up, after of course the date of the big day, is the budget. A wedding can be one of the biggest expenses that you will face in a lifetime beyond buying a house. There are so many elements that need to come together for a wedding, but are all of them necessary? Of course not, but creating your perfect wedding is a balance between what can be afforded and what features that you would like and how you implement them.

Here Urban Bride Chic takes a look at some of the most popular wedding add-on features and helps you decide whether you may want them or not.

Who needs a wedding planner or coordinator if you have friends and family who are willing to help?

Well, we all know that things could go wrong, especially at a wedding! With all of those last minutes details, it’s easy to get tripped up with the overall organization of the event, like who does what and when, etc. There is so much planning that goes into a wedding that’s it’s easy for some important detail to potentially slip through the cracks.

Of course couples often think that not hiring a wedding planner or coordinator would save lots of money, but (and this is a big but)…the money saved by not actually hiring a professional to help with your wedding, can bring with it a lot of stress and headaches! I mean, who wants their friends and family stressing and working before and during such and important day, instead of enjoying it?

Yes, it is true, wedding planners and coordinators do not come cheap. But what must be remembered here is that, they are just not working on the wedding day, they are planning the entire thing, and pulling in their resources of trusted vendors and venues, professionals whom they have worked with before and know will do a great job… putting in countless of hours of work and effort, so that day is what it should be, a day of joy for the couple, their family and friends.

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wedding dessert barThe dessert bar conundrum, to have or not to have?

The dessert bar at weddings has become almost as important as the wedding cake itself. From the most intricate and beautiful of these dessert spreads, right through to a cultural fancy or a whimsical creation,  it is all about the bride’s vision, made by their capable baker, who can understand exactly what they want and deliver it on a plate. A plate full of sweetness.

Are dessert bars required at a wedding? No, but without them, guests are left without choices for dessert and get stuck eating whatever flavor cake the couple decided for them to have!
The dessert bar is not so much of a wedding luxury but it is a thoughtful way to give options to those guests who may be diabetic or may have certain food allergies for example, gluten, nuts, etc.
So, for those who are thinking of ditching the dessert bar, perhaps they should give it another thought.

wedding photo boothPhoto Booths, yay or nay?

Photo Booths are trending as a feature of wedding, and that is because it is a form of affordable entertainment that absolutely everyone enjoys. It adds a wonderful element of fun and socializing for guests to enjoy and produces a fun keepsake that everyone can take home. The fun pictures from a photo-booth, where you can dress up with props like fake mustaches, glasses and speech bubbles, it creates memorable keepsakes to show to their friends, to share on social media and creates a buzz about the wedding for days afterwards! It is a way of making sure that guests are never bored and it is a great ice-breaker.

wedding cocktail hourIt’s cocktail hour, who’s in?

The cocktail hour has become a wedding essential, is the time between the the ceremony and the reception. While all the guests get acquainted at the mixer and loosen up with a cocktail or two while nibbling on a few hors d’oevres, the couple also takes this time to take a few pictures and get to the reception area to meet their guests. Cocktail hour could be a great time to have the photo booth set up as well.

The cocktail hour also allows for a bit of personalization where you can create your own signature-named drinks. Of course the Cocktail hour isn’t a necessity, but when you are bringing a big crowd together, two sets of friends and family, it creates a wonderful vibe and allowing these strangers to mingle and get to know each other. It can help create a good better vibe at your reception.

So even if you are on a tight budget and in need of a very affordable venue, the aforementioned extras may be a topic of re-consideration when it comes to ditching the non-essentials as they could actually turn a wedding day into a memorable one.

Written by Ingrid Jackson

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