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UBC brideUrban Bride Chic brings you another popular wedding trend for 2017 and this is the bow. Along with the likes of having a lot of lace on your dress and some plunging necklines this summer, the bow is coming on strong for the season. When you think about a wedding bow, probably jumping straight to the fore of your mind is the groom’s bow-tie. This is a very cool alternative to the traditional tie and this can look great in any style. It adds a chicness to a dress suit and it adds a cool, casual dress up to less formal wear.

With bows on wedding dresses big, this is a chance for you to make the humble and beautiful bow a bit of a theme at your wedding. For the wedding dress, the traditional place for a bow is in the back of the dress and this can be a wonderful addition at the base of a very low-cut back on a dress. The bolder the bow, the stronger the image that your guests will see as you usher your way past them down the aisle. Some bows can serve as a natural starting point for a flourish of a train.

weddingIt’s common to have the bow of a lighter material like a lace, so it stays soft and doesn’t get a heavy look going on. Another highly popular use of a bow in a wedding dress is having a small bow on a thinner ribbon belt around the waist. This is a wonderfully classic look and it brings a touch of elegance in the town. The bow can be at the front or the back depending on the dress and they style, but Urban Bride Chic has seen a trend of the bow moving north.

Yes, heaving a bow-sleeve on a wedding dress has been seen. The bow is a nice addition to the chest area of a strapless dress, to add architectural design to it and we have caught glimpses of bows serving as the anchor point on the shoulder of wedding dresses as well. The bow is a pretty versatile addition of style to a dress and again, you can incorporate the same style of bow that you end up choosing for your wedding throughout your wedding theme.

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wedding chairYou can replicate it as decorations on chairs at the ceremony or on the end of pews. You can of course wrap you cutely with something that has a bow on it and run the theme when it comes to the printing of your wedding stationery. Really, the uses for the bow are many but of course, as with any design, don’t overdo it to the points which they become overkill and people are going to get sick of seeing them everywhere. Everything in moderation is the way to go for wedding design.

Remember that the bow does have a significance in a wedding. It is part of the whole image of the knot, the tying of the knot which is itself a symbol of lasting unity and togetherness. It is that symbol of making an unbreakable pledge and on a more basic meaning can be interpreted as the bond of wedlock. It’s a powerful, beautiful symbol to incorporate into your 2017 wedding.

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