The Charm of the Rustic Wedding

rustic wedding

rustic weddingNot everything with a wedding has to be glitz and glamor. Why? Because simply that is not to everyone’s taste. Some couples would prefer to go down the more rustic avenue, to bring a little charm and home comforts to a wedding. This more simplistic approach to a wedding doesn’t of course have to be without its charm and here are five top tips to help you get the rustic wedding of your dreams.

The Rustic Venue

What normally does down the Rustic wedding is something like a backyard in someone’s home, or usually a Ranch, a Farm or a Vineyard. This is where you most like to see that rustic charm of old style wooden beams on the ceiling of an old farm house, or get the full on back to nature feel looking at the wooden slats of a barn. Another style for Rustic weddings as well could be a marquee tent pitched out in the middle of the countryside, or perhaps in an old brewery somewhere, each adorned accordingly with the simple styles to fit the scene. Rustic venues will feel warm, inviting and without any element of pretentiousness. The beautiful aspect of a Rustic wedding is that it contrasts so well against the couple dressed in a suit and gown.

The Rustic Invitationwedding invitation buckle

What really can set the ball rolling for the rustic wedding is the invitation. Usually in the mail you will receive a pristine which card with embossed gold letters announcing the upcoming nuptials. But those are elements which perhaps don’t fit in perfectly with a rustic style wedding. You want something earthy in colors and you can add real rustic charm to the wedding invitation by going for recycled papers. You can get a real texture on a nice recycled paper and if you get some nice calligraphy on there to juxtapose the setting, it works a treat. Remember to keep them to the overall theme of your wedding. Juxtaposition is the keyword for rustic weddings.

The Rustic Colors

We have already made a reference to this above and for a Rustic wedding you are mostly going to be looking at autumn style colors. Think earthy tones of running freely around Central Park in New York and looking at the many colors of autumn foliage like deep purple, chartreuse, gold and green then you will be in the wheelhouse for colors to use in your rustic wedding. Here’s the thing though, that will likely be used for accent color in your overall theme, because it can be set against a nice neutral backdrop of white. If, for example your center pieces were a mixture of fall-colored flowers in a wooden box, sat on a white table cloth, surrounded by white candles and silver flatware, then you have a wonderful mix. You don’t want to flood everything with pumpkin orange for example. Another great color touch to add into your rustic theme are metallics such as bronze.

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Rustic Decor

The Rustic Wedding Decor can be something again that will pull beauty from juxtaposition of styles against the natural setting. Let’s imagine you are out at authentic old ranch, instead of just pulling in wooden chairs, a wooden arch and wooden flower holders, you can get very creative. There would be nothing wrong with pulling in perhaps some polished furniture. Again, you are looking for something tasteful that wouldn’t necessarily fit into the scenery, but with the right color scene, would work. Instead of rustic chandeliers for example in the reception, metallic, modern elements can be pulled in to offer that mix. Having a few unexpected touches of design around the wedding that won’t be expected, will add a tremendous amount of appeal and photographic opportunities.

The Rustic Menu

Don’t forget that all elements of your wedding need to be pulled together, everything from the wedding invitations, to the decor, to the venue and even the music. Another thing which can be pulled into the whole Rustic Wedding theme is the menu. If you are out in nature enjoying a rustic wedding, then it’s highly unlikely that you are going to be sitting everyone down and feeding them a five course meal. Comfort food like a nice hearty chicken breast and vibrant vegetables is something you would expect at a Rustic Wedding. Remember that this is an occasion which would really call for those farm-to-table ingredients delivering that high quality of food but in a simple, charming way.