The Glitz of The Strip or Beach Serenity for your Wedding?

Las vegas weddings glitz

The USA is full of popular wedding destinations across its vast landscape, but we are going to focus in on the top two places to get married in the country. This is by volume of weddings held annually and topping the list, not too surprisingly, is fabulous Las Vegas, which sees over 100,000 nuptials being performed in a year. The second most popular destination spot for a wedding in the USA is the beautiful and bountiful Hawaii with over 25,000 weddings held per annum.

Both destinations have their pull, have their own unique charms and attractions, so it begs the question, “which one would you prefer for your wedding?”

The vibe in Las Vegas is unlike anything you will find anywhere in the world. The world famous Strip, lined with its many casinos and wedding chapels within, offers a bustling, vibrant experience for couples to get married in. With so many people flooding there, year after year to tie the knot, the city is obviously doing something right. The chapels in the casinos such as at Caesar’s Palace (which has three chapels and two garden settings) are for those who like to plan ahead a little and go for a luxurious, once in a lifetime experience.

But the beauty of Vegas is that if you are in a hurry and just want a quick ceremony, the City will cater to you as well. Whether it’s Elvis or Liberace presiding over your ceremony, if you can think it up, you can pretty much get it in Vegas for your wedding. Sin City has its virtues for weddings, even offering drive-thru services. In Vegas, you have a 24/7 setting for post-wedding party celebrations of course too! You don’t even need to have your own wedding party with you if you’re celebrating, as people around will probably join in!

Away from the strip and the big chapels housed in the casinos there, you don’t have to go far to find the smaller chapels like A Little White Chapel or the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to get married in. These are chapels in which you don’t even have to wait around for a booking to get fitted in and they come with a less expensive price tag than a casino’s chapel. The smaller wedding chapels are a quick fix for the eager couples because you can pretty much walk up to the door and tie the knot any time of day or night. They are there to service those impulsive, impromptu couples who are feeling right on the night, as well as those elopers who just want to run off and get it done.

hawaii weddings

But life in Vegas couldn’t be any further from the tranquil scenery of Hawaii. With the sprawling, pristine beaches, if you are looking for that ultimate getaway then this is the destination for you. Weddings in Hawaii are obviously going to take a lot more planning in advance because there are more logistics involved. It’s not the kind of place where you hop on a plane to elope too and get married over the weekend and then be back at work on Monday. You need to plan the wedding, reception and accommodation of course in advance, with having to fly everyone over there.

Most of the time if you are looking at a Hawaii wedding then you will be doing things as a complete package because couples are automatically put in a honeymoon frame of mind just by being in the setting and packages naturally combine the celebration and honeymoon all in one place. One of the most beautiful places in the world at that. The allure of Hawaii is a beach wedding of course which will soak in a relaxed vibe next to the sound of ocean waves lapping at the sand and a beautiful sunset would offer you the most stunning wedding photographs to slip into your album as keepsakes. It’s a world away from the exciting, rowdy party town that is Vegas.

So those are the top two wedding destinations in the USA. Which setting would you prefer for your wedding? The glitz and bright lights of Las Vegas or the serene, romantic setting of Hawaii?

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