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Welcome GG’s…!!  That’s for Glorious Girls or Guys, FYI.

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This section will be about the ins and outs of wedding planning.  We’ll talk about all the latest fashions, new trends in weddings and some sage advice for all your wedding dilemmas.

For this edition, I took to various Facebook groups that I am a member of and asked…

“If you had the ability to ask a planner anything about your wedding, what would you ask?”

I got a variety of responses but these two intrigued me the most:

Why is it important to hire a videographer?
(Submitted by J. Klann of JarMax Productions—visit their site at

  • I believe that most engaged couples focus solely on choosing a great photographer, which they should!  However, I absolutely believe that it is imperative to have a great videographer.  Let’s face it—you can plan the perfect wedding day but what you won’t be able to do is watch your vision come to life.  A quality videographer will be able to encapsulate your day in a video montage that you will be able to show family and friends for years to come. Quality videography services will enhance your post ceremony memories.


  • When researching a videographer, make sure that you see multiple samples of their work.  Ask for verifiable references. Check public reviews (Yelp!, Facebook, BBB, Google). Please always keep in mind that reviews are subjective but what you’re looking for are common themesdo reviews seem to echo the same issues/problems?  Or are these “one off” events—things that go beyond the videographers control?


To help keep the bride organized and slightly less stressed (if possible) what organization tips towards planning would you give her? Do most wedding planners give the couple a binder or book to help go through each step of planning or is this something the couple comes up with on their own? (Submitted by A. Shultz)

  • I would first encourage the couple to discuss their ideas and plans. Second is to develop a general budget: something that says we aren’t spending over ‘x’ amount of dollars. Finally, RESEARCH!!! Ladies we tend to book vendors and venue off emotion. Men do it off money. Research your vendors. Read contracts. Read reviews. Ask questions, especially about cancellation and refund policies. Finally, no I don’t provide a binder. I give each couple I’m contracted with a general 18 month timeline. We revisit it often to ensure they are on the right track. It’s not concrete but it does include general estimates for completion dates.


I hope that you enjoyed this first blog!  I know you’ve probably got tons of questions, comments and concerns.  I’m always open to dialogue and I look forward to interacting with this community!!

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Post article written by wedding planner, blogger and writer: Jennifer Troy
Jennifer Troy is the Owner of Glorious Galas, LLC in Michigan.

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The Glorious Life by Jennifer Troy from Glorious Galas

Welcome GG’s...!!  That’s for Glorious Girls or Guys, FYI. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet……The Glorious Life ...
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