The Naked Wedding Cake

naked wedding cake

One of thnaked wedding cakee boldest, most modern examples of self-expression at a Wedding is the Naked Wedding Cake. Yes, this is a thing and one that is growing in popularity and it’s not just something Nudists would want at their nuptials either. So what is the Naked Wedding Cake trend? Well, it is simple. Just take a traditional wedding cake and strip off all, or in some cases most of, the frosting. You are left with looking at the actual cake and not something buried under sheets of white, and this can be a very beautiful thing.

The Naked Wedding Cake is a pared-down spectacle which skips the butter cream and frosting. Christina Tosi, who is the owner of the Milk Bar Bakery (which has stores in New York, Washington DC and Toronto) and who is a presenter of Masterchef, is largely credited with coming up with the non-traditional, non-conformist take on the wedding cake and it has gone viral in a non-viral way. More and more couples are going for this bare-faced cake for their wedding, such as a four tier Dulce de Leche cake that Milk Bar offers for just under $700.

Of course, you’re not staring at just a bare cake, you are going to see, in most cases at least, some decoration. The decorations on naked cakes are generally fresh fruit and flowers, retaining something of a traditional feel. But these become even more important elements on the Naked Wedding Cake because they add a spot of pizazz and vibrancy to the entire thing. But bakers of course can get super creative with the design of the cake in terms of the colors on offer.

A Naked Tuxedo cake for example, using alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla layers of cake can be visually stunning. Then don’t forget about the butter cream filling in between the layers which adds its own visual points of interest. One of the charms of the Naked Wedding Cake is that they can bring a rustic feel as well to a wedding, something perfect if you are having one of their beautiful rustic weddings out an old brewery or on a ranch. The alternative view of this would be that it would be a stunning juxtaposition in a more traditional wedding setting.

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So even though the Naked Wedding Cake may sound like a simplified, less complicated version of their clothed counterparts, from the design process to the creation and the selection of ingredients (usually seasonal) there can be just as much skill and art put into it as the traditional wedding cake. More attention needs to be paid to the colors of the cake to make it look good in its exposed beauty for example. Whether you’re looking for a romantic and whimsical cake or modern edge of stark contrasting layers, consider the Naked Wedding Cake for your nuptials.