The real Princess Bride – from Seattle!

princess bride

An endearing story from the Ballard area of Seattle, Washington has been capturing the attention of the media and social media lately because of the wonderful, engaging pictures of a young girl being totally enamored with a beautiful bride.

Bride Shandace Lerma was having photographs taken out on the street after her ceremony, when she noticed a little girl watching her. It was a case of mistaken identity as the girl, who was carrying a book with a picture of a princess on the cover, thought that the character had come to life!

“The little girl was holding a book,” Lerma reported. “The mom said, ‘she thinks you’re the lady in the white dress.'” The book in question was “The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins”.

In a great moment, actually stopping to take some time out of her own special day to make the girl’s extra special as well, Lerma went up to the girl and handed her a flower from her bouquet and spent some time chatting with her. Just how much the little girl’s face lit up from the interaction was caught on camera, wide-eyes looking up at the bride with admiration and a hint of being starstruck!

Little girl thought my wife was the Princess from her favorite book

This was all captured by photographer Stephanie Cristalli and Lerma’s husband posted the photos up on Imgur (username Skizzotrobzface), quoting “The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding) #Wedding #bride,” he wrote in the post.

He went on to ask if anyone actually knew who the mother and child was so that he could send the photos to them.

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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