The Top 5 Styles of Wedding Dress


Pronovias Barcelona A-line Style Wedding Dress

Even though it is a garment which is designed to only be worn once only, the wedding dress is designed to be a show-stopper, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to wear something spectacular, something very personal to the bride on this most special day of their lives. The Wedding Dress is usually one of the most expensive elements of an entire wedding and it can be a stressful thing for Brides to go through the process of picking out the one that is for them. It is said that when a bride finds the perfect dress, they just know, they just feel that that is the one, which often leads to an emotional link with the garment.

Here we count down the top five styles of Wedding Dresses

A Line

This is one of the most classic, elegant styles of Wedding Dresses. The A Line is a such a wonderfully classic silhouette and it features a tight fitting bodice which then flows into a flourish from the waist down. The swelling dress from the waist down forms an overall silhouette of the letter A which is where the style of the name comes from. This is the most popular style of Wedding Dress because it is flattering to all types of body.


Andrea_b-2017-Pronovias Barcelona Mermaid Style Wedding Dress


This is similar to the A Line dress, but the tight-fitting form goes further down the body, not stopping at the waist. The Mermaid dress is a tight fit down to around the knee where then the dress flushes outwards and the overall look resembles the body of the mythical mermaid. You have the tight body with the bottom of the dress fanning out like a tail. As the bodice is tighter down over the hips, it is something that will highlight that portion of the body and may not be of taste to all.

Pronovias Barcelona Wedding Dresses


Pronovias Barcelona Ball Gown Style Wedding Dress.

Ball Gown (or Fairy Tale)

The Ball Gown is another popular style of Wedding Dress as this another style that is flattering to all shapes and sizes. Again you generally have a tighter fitting bodice, which is generally strapless but it is not as form fitting as perhaps the A Line. The big difference then is in the grand sweeping statement that the skirt of the dress then makes as it can be flared-out to large proportions. This is a great look for brides, but on a more petite woman, it is a style which can look a bit overwhelming if the skirt is too large.

Pronovias 2017 Bridal Long Sleeves Bateau Neck Sheath Wedding Dress Nuria mv-slit-skirt-train

Pronovias 2017 Bridal Long Sleeves Bateau Neck Sheath Wedding Dress Nuria mv-slit-skirt-train

Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is generally for the more petite and slender bride. This is just a straight narrow Wedding Dress and it is designed to show all curves on the body. These are usually very elegant and beautiful in their simplicity although they aren’t usually pulled as tight in the bodice as the likes of the Mermaid and the A Line styles are. A very simple style dress which you will see sometimes having a small flare at the base.

tea length wedding dressTea Length Dress

You are thinking more perhaps of a retro classic style when going towards the Tea Length dress, perhaps something from the 50s. This dress stands out because of the unusual length compared to the other styles, and the Tea Length Wedding Dress generally just finishes beneath the knee. It is the most informal of the styles of dresses on offer for a bride, but it does work well on all shapes and sizes as well.

Always make an appointment before going off to a Bridal Shop to browse gowns, that is because you will have dedicated time to browse properly and you won’t feel rushed or stressed out. Know your budget beforehand of course and have a general idea of style and color. But just as important, keep your mind open to options. The consultants in the shop will know what style best suits your body for example so work with them to find that perfect Wedding Dress for you.