The Wedding After The Wedding


WeddingAs if planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough, most couples struggle with their wedding’s guest list. It is obvious that parents, siblings, best friends and offspring will attend not only the ceremony and cocktail hour, but the reception too. But from there on, how does one decide who else gets to go and who doesn’t?

I mean, who wants to hurt anyone’s feelings and for God’s sake who wants to worry about this kind of stuff when they are about to take the biggest step of their lives?

Urban Bride Chic wants to offer a couple of simple solutions: The wedding after the wedding or cocktail hour. Read on!

The wedding after the wedding: Gowns with Boleros - Make Change in One Second

This would be a celebratory gathering which can take place anytime within the first month of the wedding, where absolutely everyone else can attend. A cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres type of gathering with music and casual, yet classy fun. This after party is a great time for the newlywed couple to get together with all of their friends and family members to celebrate the fact that they are now married.

A fun thing to do, so that everyone feels included, would be to have some of their guests who have been or who are currently married, take turns in giving the couple some practical and useful advice for a happy marriage, based on their own experiences.

“A second chance” Bouquet toss can be done and the newlywed couple can read to each other something similar to their wedding vows, only this would be a reflection of what their first month as a married couple has been like and what the whole process has meant to them and how it has been for them.

The cocktail hour solution:

This one would probably be the most practical and least expensive, but probably not the best option!

The invitations are sent out, but only some will have the information for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, while the rest will have the information for the ceremony and cocktail hour only. The couple in this case must attend the cocktail hour, before the reception. Remember that absolutely everyone in this case will be at the cocktail hour event and people talk. Some of the guests may feel insulted if during the cocktail party, they find out some of of the other guests are headed to the reception and they are not! Again, it is a solution, but like I said perhaps not the best one.

If I were to vote for one, I would hands down vote for The Wedding after The Wedding!

Which one would you prefer and which one would you vote for?
If you had to make this decision for your own wedding, what would you do?

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