The wedding photo booth trend still strong for 2017

bridal Photo booth UBC

bridal Photo booth UBCModern Technology has of course found its way into wedding. That was only inevitable as technology got smaller and more portable. You can hop online and do all of your planning over the internet and you can download guest list apps and registry apps to help you stay organised. But what about that other, ubiquitous piece of technology that everyone now has in their hands? The camera?

We all like taking selfies and cute pictures of a cats cuddling up to puppies, but visit any wedding today and you will see digital pictures being snapped away freely by guests. It is the age of pictures and as long as that phone is in your pocket or purse, the temptation is going to be there to pull it out and capture your own immediate memories of the day you were guest at your BFF’s wedding.

One of the big modern wedding trends that are still going strong, is the photo booth and basically all that you need is that little camera in your pocket to have a blast with this. This is where you have a staged background and a stack of props cut out and stuck on sticks. You’ll find things like fake glasses, mustaches, picture frames, emoticons and bow ties. You can even get speech bubbles with quirky words or phrases in them.

You name it is there. Taking this to a next level, you can find some backgrounds with framed cut outs in them as well, where you can stand behind the background itself and poke yourself through the opening like you are coming out of a picture frame or a window. So because of all the photo ops available and the chance to unwind and have some fun pictures at the wedding reception, the wedding photo booth is going strong.

Another option and variation of this is being able to invite celebrities to your wedding. Why not invite Shemar MooreJ. Lo, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Gabrielle Union or Ryan Reynolds to your wedding, or at least, their cardboard cutout face-mask counterparts. This is actually easy to do, just print off pictures at home, stick them on same card, attach a stick and wham, you can be taking a photo booth picture next to Jennifer Lawrence.

The beauty of all this is the instant gratification. You can immediately look at your pics and get sharing on social media. The options for these wedding photo booth backdrops are endless. Check out Urban Bride Chic’s Pinterest board for some inspirations! You don’t have to even be limited to just one booth, source several backdrops with different props and have them spread around so that guests are just waiting to all cram into one. Also, did you know, that you can rent printers to have at the reception, which will automatically print any Instagram picture with a dedicated hashtag, such as #JohnandJaneWedding 2017.

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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