Top 10 Fall Wedding Ideas

fall wedding

fall weddingIt is still that time of year across the country where you can get outside and enjoy a nice Fall wedding. This is such a beautiful time of the year to go and enjoy a rustic wedding for example. But whether you are outside at a ranch or in a beautiful church somewhere there are plenty of Fall elements that you can pull into your wedding to make it fit the wonderful season. Everything from the decorations to the flowers to the food can all take some inspiration from the season. Here are our top tips for elements to make your Autumn Wedding all fall into place.

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1) Wrap it up

It’s autumn and you aren’t likely to be out and about in 80 degree weather so don’t forget your cardigan or sweater. The bride can wrap herself in a woven shawl for a bit of extra warmth. Any extra layers of clothing don’t have to be left on for pictures of course, you can rock a strapless sheath dress for 10 seconds in the Fall for a quick snap.

2) Pumpkins


Even though they aren’t the most appealing of looking vegetables a pumpkin can have some appeal at your wedding. You can get some snaps shot in a pumpkin field or you can decorate your wedding venue with small pumpkins (the white ones are very fitting for a wedding). Maybe just don’t carve jack o’lantern faces into them.

3) Pie

What’s Fall without a pie? Maybe a nice mince pie?
A nice pumpkin wedding piestreusel? A nice cinnamon spice pie? Some Maple-Pear Tarts? A classic apple pie? We know your mouth is already drooling and just imagine what these type of desserts would do to the taste buds of your wedding guests? A nice pie served a la mode – perfect for the Autumn.

4) Fruity Place Cards

You can get really original with your place cards for your autumn wedding. Run out to the orchard and grab a nice bunch of apples and wrap or stick the name of the guest from a piece of paper on the end of the stem. This is a great, cost effective way to bring some Fall into your wedding. Any hungry guests can eat their place cards, so nothing goes to waste. It’s a brilliant idea!

5) Pine Cones

You can go out and forage around the woods to gather up some pine cones, or you can pick these up pretty cheaply and they can be made to look great. You can gather them together to form a nice bunch as a centerpiece on your tables, or even create little bouquets instead of flowers.

6) Leafy Table matswedding ideas

Leaves from trees are arguably at their most beautiful in the autumn, so why not bring them into your wedding? Grab some beautiful gold, orange, yellow and brown leaves and then get some white place mats. Glue the leaves down in a circle on it. Then put the plates on top and there’s a beautiful, rustic, in-season place setting.

7) Get some wood

It’s autumn, so use elements of wood through your design. This can be everything from the wedding invitation (use recycled materials), to napkin rings, to table mats, to actually incorporating trees into your wedding by hanging mason jars from them with a candle or flowers inside.

8) Hay, Hay

If you are outdoors on a farm enjoying your rustic wedding then why not really get into theme. Go and ask the owner to bring out some bales of hay for seating at the wedding (you’ll want to lay a cover on top of them) instead of chairs.

9) Fruit and Vegetableswedding centerpieces

Flowers are generally a main staple of wedding, such as in center pieces. But it’s Fall and it is a fantastic season for fruits and vegetables. So why not make a center piece with them instead of flowers? Pears, grapes, beets and the likes can all be incorporated.

10) The beauty of nature

It would be a total waste of the season really if there wasn’t some outdoor pictures at your wedding. Get together with your wedding photographer before the occasion and discuss the location with them in order to take full advantage of the beautiful colors that will look spectacular in your album, such as amongst the autumn colorful trees.

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